(Press release) New model offers extended battery range and can be ridden by riders on provisional motorcycle licence

Zero Motorcycles, the global electric motorcycle sales and innovation leader, today announced the release of a longer range 11 kW Zero DS. The new model is designed for dual sport oriented riders whose licences limit their motorcycle options to 125cc or less. The 11kW Zero DS can be ridden by riders with a full A1 motorcycle licence, or by learners who have passed their compulsory basic training (CBT).

With twice the battery capacity of the DS ZF7.2 version, the 11kW Zero DS ZF14.4 gives riders the ability to ride up to 163 miles in the city or 78 highway miles on one charge. A Power Tank accessory can be added to increase those figures to 203 city miles or 97 miles on the open road.

Zero’s line of 11kW motorcycles also includes the street oriented Zero S and offer the best overall ride experience in its class. The electric motorcycles are easy to ride thanks to 109 Nm (80 ft/lb) of seamless torque that’s mated to a twist and go transmission that eliminates the need for a clutch or gear shifting. In addition, performance can be customized using Zero’s mobile app to fit the needs and experience levels of a diverse range of riders.

“The longer range 11kW Zero DS meets a growing demand from Europeans who carry standard car, or A1 motorcycle, licences and seek an exciting, new, dual sport experience,” said Umberto Uccelli, managing director at Zero Motorcycles Europe. “With twice the battery and fast charge options, the range and recharge capabilities of this new model will transform the daily transportation of a growing number of drivers and riders into a pure, powerful, and effortless, experience.”

The 11kW Zero DS ZF14.4 is eligible for the UK Government’s Office for Low Emissions Vehicles grant of £1500 and costs £12,190 after the subsidy.

For more details about Zero’s 2018 line or to see the new motorcycles at a dealer near you, visit http://www.zeromotorcycles.com/eu/

About Zero Motorcycles
Zero Motorcycles is the global leader in electric motorcycles and powertrains. Designed and crafted by hand in California, Zero motorcycles combine Silicon Valley tech with traditional motorcycle soul to elevate the motorcycling experience for intelligent, innovative, riders around the world.

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