Source: press release | Zero Motorcycles, the global leader in high-power electric motorcycles and electric powertrains, today announced that it has entered into a partnership with Quadro Vehicles. This exciting collaboration combines the California company’s Silicon Valley technology with the Swiss firm’s precise manufacturing to bring an all-electric, four-wheeled maxi-scooter to market. The combined results will reset the standards of accessibility, performance, and safety in the realms of personal mobility and urban commuting.

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Zero Motorcycles has been designing and building electric components to propel their category defining motorcycles for over 12 years. The result of Zero’s tireless pursuit of technological advancements is a durable and consistent powertrain system that Quadro recognizes as the perfect choice for their first electric vehicle. Quadro’s premium four-wheeled tilting scooter, the Qooder, boasts a revolutionary built-in hydraulic tilt system (HTS) design that allows it to bank upwards of 45 degrees into corners without losing all four wheels of traction. This original platform will incorporate the Zero Motorcycles powertrain and arrive as the new, all-electric “e-Qooder” by the end of 2019.

“Quadro Vehicles stands for advanced mobility solutions and has already launched the Qooder in Europe, which is a new category of commuting mobility, patented and unique in the world. For this reason we wanted to partner with the best to enter decisively the ZEV (zero-emissions vehicle) market with a unique point of view by the end of 2019,” said Paolo Gagliardo, CEO of Quadro Vehicles.

Four wheeled electric scooter due by end of 2019

“We selectively enter into powertrain partnerships with an exclusive few companies that share in our values of innovation, leadership, passion and a commitment to quality,” said Jim Callahan, Director of Business Development at Zero Motorcycles. “Collaborating with Quadro made perfect sense from the very start and the electric Qooder prototype has been great fun to ride already. Electrifying the Qooder experience with a Zero powertrain is certain to be a game changer when it comes to describing options for individual mobility.”

Zero Motorcycles powertrains have already been introduced across a wide array of industries including automotive, powersports, industrial equipment, agricultural equipment, and a variety of automation applications. Designed entirely in their offices in Santa Cruz, California, Zero Motorcycles Z-Force Powertrains stand alone in innovation, modularity, performance, and reliability.

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