Zero Motorcycles, the global leader in the electric motorcycle industry, announced today that the Vancouver Police Department in British Columbia, Canada, became the 100th fleet in North America to leverage Zero’s stealthy electric motorcycle line by purchasing two bikes. Electric motorcycles are uniquely suited to the needs of law enforcement and security agencies, and Zero has developed several models specifically for this highly specialised and exacting market.

“The Vancouver Police Department selected the Zero DSRP motorcycle for its stealth, low cost of operation, hassle-free maintenance, and minimal environmental impact,” said Inspector Loris Zuccato, Officer in charge of the Vancouver Police Department Traffic Section. “The motorcycles will be used on a daily basis on Vancouver city streets and off-road areas. The low-noise and zero-emissions production of the Zero DSRP makes it particularly valuable in patrolling areas such as public parks, trails, and for use during community events.”

Zero developed the Zero DSP, Zero DSRP and Zero FXP models to meet the specific requirements of law enforcement and security agencies. Powered by the 100% electric Z-Force® powertrain, Zero’s police motorcycles are a cost effective means to patrol a wide variety of terrain. In addition, they excel in areas where noise and exhaust are particularly noticeable, especially indoors. Patrol models are fully equipped with pursuit emergency lighting and sirens, safety components, and functional storage options for patrol items and emergency medical equipment.

“Zero’s police and security lineup have proven to be an invaluable tool for departments of all sizes, across a wide variety of use cases,” said Kevin Hartman, Zero’s Fleet and Authority Sales Director. “Crossing the 100th agency threshold is not only further validation of the tactical, operational and economic benefits of electric, but also only the beginning of what we expect to be the natural evolution of police and security fleets worldwide.”

In addition to the Vancouver Police Department, Zero Motorcycles can be found on the police fleets in 12 European countries, including Italy, Spain, Germany and France. In the Netherlands, Zeros are being used by foresters and in Israel they are utilised by the fire department. Tests are currently ongoing in Hungary and several police departments throughout Europe are considering adding Zeros to their fleet. The mayor of the Italian Rapallo Carlo Bagnasco says: “Adding a Zero to our fleet is a clear ‘green message’ that we’re hoping to give. Having the police riding around on their Zero is a win-win, for our wallet and the safety of our habitants, not bothering anyone in pedestrian areas or parks.”

The company recently developed a UK police specification DS in collaboration with Coventry-based Woodway Engineering and this bike is currently undergoing trials on the Isle of Man.

Source: Zero Motorcycles UK Press Office
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