Source: press release YEGO | The YEGO Urban Mobility startup currently operating self-service electric scooters in Barcelona, Valencia and Bordeaux, announces the launch of two new types of vehicles: an electric bicycle and an electric kick scooter, both with exchangeable batteries. YEGO is thus becoming a unique and strong multi-vehicle sharing operator with this offer and plans to expand greatly in 2020.

YEGO was created in 2016 in Barcelona by young French entrepreneurs, with a mission to change the way people in big cities travel and to make them more enjoyable to live in by providing a light vehicle, adapted to the constraints of the city that is pleasant to drive. The choice was therefore made for the electric scooter with exchangeable batteries: clean, quiet, practical, aesthetic, it met the new challenges of urban mobility. After launching the service in Barcelona, the company expanded to Valencia and Bordeaux. Today it has more than 1,000 scooters in these 3 cities, each contributing to the 1.5 million trips made in 2019.

YEGO Shared mobility | Electric Motorcycles News
YEGO electric bike

To bring and offer electric and shared mobility to as many people as possible, YEGO has decided to develop a bicycle and a kick scooter, to appeal to all types of cities and users.

YEGO Shared mobility | Electric Motorcycles News
YEGO kick scooter

These new products have been developed in collaboration with Barcelona’s electric bicycle manufacturer Rayvolt. Starting from 0 has made it possible to develop products that attract and carry YEGO DNA but also and above all adapted to sharing. The idea is not to reproduce the mistakes of the industry but on the contrary to stand out and develop something new.

The vehicles were designed with clear and defined objectives: “We wanted to create vehicles that were safe for our users (large wheels and wide tires for good stability, powerful lights to be seen), not disturbing for cities and their inhabitants (our vehicles have an integrated padlock and must be locked when finishing the ride, in order to avoid wild parking), durable (chassis strength and vehicle life span),” said Benjamin Viguier CEO of YEGO. The choice to collaborate with Rayvolt is no coincidence. Based in Barcelona, the company also has a solid experience in electric bicycles.

The bike will first be launched in Barcelona, the scooter in Bordeaux. They will complement the YEGO scooter offer in these cities and will be available for booking from the YEGO application. “Users will be able to choose in the application the vehicles they wish to use. The vehicles will then be bookable and unlockable in just two clicks. The price will be a per-minute price,” adds Benjamin Viguier. One of YEGO’s specificities is that you will have to lock your vehicle to a bicycle rack at the end of your journey and take a photo showing the vehicle correctly parked. “We want to end the mess. Self-service bicycles and scooters can have a huge positive impact on cities, but if this impact is to be sustainable, these new means of transport must not be a nuisance”.

With these new vehicles, YEGO aims to reach a larger number of people and expand into new markets from 2020 in Europe and around the world.

About YEGO

YEGO is a Barcelona-based start-up of shared mobility, co-founded by young French entrepreneurs. Until now it has offered self-service electric scooters through an application. From here, users can access the nearest scooter in a few clicks and complete their journey.

After launching the service in Barcelona in 2016, the company expanded in 2018 to Valencia (Spain) and Bordeaux (France). It currently operates more than 1,000 scooters in these 3 cities and has 140,000 registered users. In 2019 more than 1.5 million trips have already been made. Electric bicycles and kick scooters will complete the scooter offer and will be accessible via the application.

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