Electric Vehicle Research Corporation was set up in 2013 and is specialized in design, development and advancement of future electric vehicles for global use. It takes pride in its innovative fresh outlook to new challenges by designing from the ground up. The VORLON Springer is the forerunner of a new range of electric vehicles that will raise the bar of both Design and Engineering and set new standards for others to strive towards. A combination of both advanced technology in Composites, alloys and advanced new age technology are all encompassed into all our new designs by pushing the boundaries of radically new technologies.

EVRC founders Andrew and Christopher Mynheer have realized that all motorcycles contain the same DNA of adventure, style and life since the first real production motorcycle was developed by Hildebrand & Wolfmuller in 1894, and have adopted those principles in the embodiment of design and engineering that is the first EVRC Motor Bike.

EVRC designers and engineers started by asking the question, “Has Motor Bike Design really come a long way since then?” The answer was, “No!” Admittedly engineering quality has changed, as has power efficiency. Metals have become stronger and new composites allow for modern shapes and styling along with weight reduction, but the principles of the internal combustion engine remain the same. More efficient, but fossil fuel dependent and begs the question, “is the combustion engine really that effective these days?” During the past century of motor bike evolution there were periods of greatness in both engineering and design. EVRC has taken the best elements of Motor bike ‘DNA’ and integrated them into a new and unique machine that stands out as a true evolution.

VORLON Springer

The ‘Springer’ was designed to be the first electric motorcycle cruiser, which encompasses the latest in trends globally. Styling queues taken from ‘Star- Trek’ Enterprise and yet totally functional. The ‘Springer’ includes the most advanced technologies seen anywhere in a motorcycle. Advanced liquid cooled AC motors mated to a sophisticated Lithium batteries and BMS system all integrated to on-board Wi-Fi interfacing. This is the next generation of full electric motorcycle.

This new technology gives both enhanced performance, extended range and mated to a sophisticated ‘Air-Ride’ system for ultimate comfort, whether one-up or two-up! Available with various options from handle bars, grips, varying color options and custom paints to leather saddles and offered with a unique cast LED headlamp not seen anywhere else.

Fitted with single or duel battery packs for medium or extended range with 2016 Lithium packs enables this bike to deliver both exhilarating performance and considerable range in excess of 175km+. The performance offers an optional economy range option for long range which can be easily switched over to the ‘Sport’ mode which offers considerably enhanced performance all at the switch of a button. Wheels and tires are designed to also offer optimal and economic performance to gives both quick acceleration and yet save on road traction. All the major drive-train components are cooled via either special liquid or air fan to enhance range and reliability. Even electric blankets can be offered for very cold climates too!

The bike is constructed from Alloy, steel and composites, which offer both quality and structural integrity for an over-all light but strong design.

The 16” x 140 alloy rear tire and a 21” chrome or black front wheel offers a more ‘Old-School’ look following the new trends of yesteryear now in much demand. The 20’s style ‘Wood Lite’ uniquely cast alloy headlamps encapsulate this era and yet fitted with the most modern in LED lighting along with the side and rear lights.


Length 79” (@ 8ft)
Height 47”
Width 20”

Wheels & Tires
Solid (Alloy or Black)
Rear Wheel 16” with 140 series tire
Front spoke in Chrome or Black 21”

Front disc brake and rear disc brake linked to ‘regenerative’ motor braking either by handlebar or foot control.

Front ‘Springer’ (Classic) black or Chrome, Rear large capacity ‘Air-Ride airbag and damper with pivot link and separate coil-over.

30Kw liquid cooled AC Motor and cooled Controller with integrated Lithium Battery packs and BMS connected to Wi-Fi and smart screen

Teardrop Headlamp
A design element that’s really does make a statement is that of the ‘Teardrop’ Headlamp, first seen in the 1930s on American cars. EVRC took this base design and brought it bang up to date whilst retaining the unique styling. Encapsulating the teardrop style in a nacelle and using modern LED HID lighting we have a true DNA element of style and use.

Front Suspension
Front forks are based on ‘Springer’ type design from early in the 1920s and adopted and used by leading high-end manufacturers to this day. Very light but strong, offering a comfortable, more stable ride and reducing ‘diving’ under braking.

Rear Suspension
Twin trailing arms which work with the fact that there is a lack of ‘centre mass’ where the old fashioned combustion engine would normally sit. Everything is geared towards lowering the CoG (Centre of Gravity) due to the location of the power packs and the suspension design integrates perfectly into achieving this. The ‘Cadillac’ inspired trailing arm cowlings add to the appearance of speed even whilst at rest.

Battery pack
The balanced positioning of the batteries in the design ensures that the low CoG is maintained as is weight distribution. The enclosure also allows ease of access for maintenance. Lithium-ion batteries are without doubt the best technology available for electric vehicles currently. EVRC purchase from the same manufacturer as many of the mainstream vehicle manufacturers. This way we have access to production stocks of the volumes we require, as well as batteries offering longevity of life and reliability.

Fully Electric using the highest quality components many of which are patented by EVRC and others for which EVRC hold sole rights. The VORLON electric motor was designed in Germany by one of the top electrical engineering companies. Using a new type of armature wiring and engineering technologies it offers 20% more output than standard motors but at 50% of the weight. EVRC have sole rights to this for their product range. The VORLON range uses unique integrated power cooling for Engines and Power Invertors. The first electric motor bike in the world to use coolant in a production model. This makes the motor and electronics operate far more efficiency and extends life of components.

‘Green’ Materials
Unlike other vehicle development organisations we really are ‘Green’. Working with one of the worlds leading chemical companies EVRC production body components will use new composites developed from one of natures truly sustainable materials – Bamboo. The VORLON will be 100% recyclable.

Power Management
Essential with electric vehicles is that of power management. Both while driving, to maximize range, and during recharge to minimize charge period and ensure efficiency of charge for effective battery life. EVRC integrate full up to date electronic management into all their vehicles, even accessed by smart phone for remote status report.

Security and Safety
Critical safety components include auto disable switch when the side stand is down and instant power limiting to assist front wheel lift-control, due to the instant delivery of power from the electric drive system. Security includes remote power disable from your smartphone if the VORLON is taken without permission.

GPS Locator is fitted to every EVRC Motor Bike and a Smartphone App will allow pin point location of the machine at all times.

Drive Chain
Fully enclosed traditional heavy duty chain takes power from the electric motor to the rear wheel. Motor Bike DNA again, in that why change something that’s works so well and is easy to service and maintain.

Standard Production Finishes
Hand stitched leather seats and (unusual for a motor bike) wood trim running from the centre of the ‘tank’ through to the rear mudguard; offering a touch of Italian Riva Powerboat styling using South African ‘Bubinga’ hardwood finished with mirror polished stainless ‘stud’ rivets this completes what can be viewed as a automotive ‘work of art’.

Full custom build to order
Clients’ choice of custom paint and trim finish:

  • Custom paint, decals, corporate logos can be applied as required
  • Seats can be covered with a variety of ‘skins’ for a unique appearance
  • Styling can be changed if a client requires something even more special Wood, Carbon Fibre, and other trim materials can be used instead of the standard Bubinga wood
  • Engineering can be modified to suite special use

Production range

VORLON Springer is ready for production and can be ordered. In the near future EVRC plans the “VORLON Cafe Racer” and the “VORLON Street”. If you want really something special, challenge the designers and engineers of EVRC to achieve the impossible dream and create your VORLON Custom.

Guy Salens

Guy Salens (motorcycle enthousiast): I want to show the world an overview of existing electric motorcycles and future projects. Because it's time.