URBET is a brand owned by the company SMART ELECTRIC TRANSPORT SL and was established to implement and develop mobility systems (mainly mopeds) that help improve the quality of life in urban areas in Spain. URBET offers their customers electric (smart) mobility vehicles and products more focused on leisure for a more youthful public. Quality is very important and all products have been tested by professionals with the purpose of obtaining an optimal efficiency that offers security, fun and durability to their clients.

Electric Motorcycles News - iTango - Doohan Electric Motorcycles News - iTango - Doohan

The company is headquartered in Marbella (Málaga), where they deliver to the rest of Europe. URBET is formed by a team of people who are fully involved every day to improve the performance of their products and customer satisfaction.

URBET has recently created a foundation that has its own name with which they try to carry out activities to raise awareness of environmental care. They allocate 1% of their profits to collaborate with associations that not only worry about the effects that pollution produces on the human being but also on our environment.

Electric Motorcycles News - iTango - Doohan

Exclusive distributor for DOOHAN in Spain

iTango is a 3 wheeled moped from Doohan, a company with 20 years R&D and manufacturing experience to develop new energy smart vehicles. Doohan is market leader of Dual-Front-Wheel Smart Vehicles in China. Smart Electric Transport is official and exclusive distributor for Doohan in Spain



  • Customized BOSCH motor with high power output and driving force smooth.
  • Three hydraulic disc brake and EABS electronic brake system.
  • Quick response, more safety, more energy recovery


  • LG/Panasonic
  • original imported high-performance lithium battery with 3200mAh battery capacity
  • delicate lithium battery pack
  • a range of 90km (25km/h) and 10.4kg weights.
  • BMS includes eight items of intelligent battery managements

Electric Motorcycles News - iTango - Doohan


  • New R&D DDWT-S technology (Underneath side-deflection dual-front-wheel system), to continue the ultimate driving and safety driving experience with lightweight design
  • dazzling appearance and multiple breakthroughs of steering angles.
  • Even if you riding on the same road, but driving experience is different, let us like this way to enjoy driving life.


  • LED light, specifically designed for iTango.
  • Aesthetics reengineering, design realization and function are perfect performed.
  • More technical elements are integrated into the intelligent system, not only driving safety, but also warm and sweet care for you.

Electric Motorcycles News - iTango - Doohan


  • Battery: 48V 26AH Lithium Battery
  • Motor: 1200W (rated power) Bosch Motor
  • Rim: aluminium
  • Braking: 3 hydraumatic disc brakes
  • Range: 50km (45km/h) | 70km (25km/h)
  • Speed: 25km/h (Limited speed mode) | 45km/h (Max speed mode)
  • Colours; red, black, white, green, blue
  • Intelligent system: D-master 2.0-Plus
  • Dashboard: LCD
  • Front suspension system: DDWT-S
  • Cruise Control: yes
  • Keyless starting: yes (with directional lock)
  • Charge time: 5,5 h
  • Quick charge: yes
  • Charge: 5A
  • Roll-lock system: yes
  • Front shock absorber: sleeve, oil damping
  • Rear schock absorber: sleeve, oil damping
  • Cushion height: 740mm
  • Maximum leaning angle: ≤30°
  • Maximum steering angle: ≤34°
  • Maximum drop height of front wheel: 180mm
  • Battery weight: 10kg

More info: https://urbet.es/

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