The German e-mobility start-up unu has signed up to change the way people conquer their city. Since 2014 unu is producing an electric scooter with a portable battery allowing people to discover their city with a new form of electric powered transportation. With unu exploring a city becomes a clean, sustainable and almost silent experience. In keeping with the company’s global vision to change the future of urban mobility, unu is now expanding to the Netherlands. The young vibrant unu team is ready to conquer a new market. Starting from February 2017 unu will be available to Dutch customers via the company’s website.

For everyone who wants to experience the innovative technology and the unu lifestyle, the Berlin-based company is starting to sell their electric scooters kicking off in Amsterdam in February 2017. From there the company will expand to three other Dutch cities – Rotterdam, Den Haag and Utrecht. unu is selling its scooter starting a 1.899 Euro (1kW) delivered straight to the door by logistic partner DHL.

“We want to continue to democratise urban mobility and are ready to conquer a new market. Finding the right way to make our new and innovative technology available with an affordable price remains one of our core goals at unu. The Netherlands is one of the biggest 50cc scooter markets in Europe and the Dutch have been a driving force behind progress in the e-mobility sector, having the most registered e-mobility vehicles in Europe. We are very much looking forward to entering the market and getting in touch with our customers.” says Pascal Blum, one of the three unu founders.

If people are interested in test driving the unu they can do that in Amsterdam starting from February. unu has established a pioneer system of trained drivers, who are available for a customised test drive experience. The pioneers will answer any questions regarding the unu and are looking forward to explain the unu vision to anyone interested in the scooter and the brand. In Amsterdam the pioneers Lotje and Jochum are available for test rides and can be contacted via the website by simply requesting a test ride for Amsterdam. After a customer has put in a test ride request they will contact the person to organise a test drive that fits the individual’s schedule.

unu – the smart electric scooter

unu merges innovative technology with stylish design and urban flair. For the unu founders a “better future” – meaning a more sustainable and clean world is – at the centre of their business, product development and vision. Besides producing an electric scooter, the unu founders already have many more ideas for a portfolio of products and services to connect people and their city in a better way.

unu is the smart electric scooter for you and your city. With the new BOSCH electric motor, 7 new unu colours, Heidenau tyres, a seat for two and delivery right to your doorstep, you are ready to drive with your unu Scooter.

“Megatrends like e-mobility, mobility as a service and autonomous driving will continue to speed up the change in the mobility sector. As a consequence of that the urban infrastructure and traffic will change rapidly in the near future. With our product we’re making electric mobility available for a lot of customers and we will continue to work on building the finest mobility solutions to increase the quality of life in urban hubs” says unu co-founder Elias Atahi. unu is working on that change with a unique business model which is based on a direct relationship between consumer and company, cutting out intermediary dealers. In the automotive sector unu is operating as a “David” constantly challenging the “Goliaths”, the big players in the field.

The unu will be available in six different colour combinations which can be directly ordered via the company’s website Thanks to the innovative unu business model of cutting out the middleman the unu is sold at 1.899 Euro. The average investment for charging the battery is 50 cents / 100 kilometres, making the unu the most cost effective mobile solution to explore and conquer a city. The unu furthermore has the KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) installed which is well known from the Formula 1. KERS means that each time the brakes are used, energy will be recycled to the battery. The unu battery is easily chargeable at home or the office, all you need is a 230 volt socket.

The unu founding story

In 2013 the idea for unu was born when founders Pascal Blum and Elias Atahi studied abroad in Asia where they experienced the advantage of owning an electric scooter themselves: “We had the idea for unu when we studied in Asia and learned that electric scooters allowed us a new way to explore and conquer the cities we lived in. The potential of urban hubs like Shanghai, Peking or Singapore was fascinating to us, because we recognized that realizing the potentials of those cities was a challenge for people who lived there due to the issues with existing public mobility solutions and transport.” From the recognition of this problem the founding idea for unu evolved as Elias Atahi explains it: “With unu we’ve signed up for the vision of a better connected urban life in which people can access the full potential of their city. Our contribution to that is unu – the perfect mobility solution that connects people with their city in a new way.” After an exciting starting phase and the development of a prototype beta version Mathieu Caudal joined the founding duo to push the development of the product for a bigger market as Pascal Blum explains: “With Mathieu’s help we were able to develop the unu for series production in a very short time.”

Mathieu Caudal, Elias Atahi, Pascal Blum

Since 2015 unu is based in Berlin and part of the “Factory Berlin”, a centre for innovative startups hosting companies like Twitter, Pinterest, Soundcloud, Freeletics and many more. As a young start-up unu is growing and currently employing about 40 people. For everyone wanting to experience the innovative unu technology the company has implemented a unu pioneer system (about 50 pioneers) who work as brand ambassadors organising individual test drives.

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