Source: press release Delfast | Is it a bike? Is it an e-bike? Is it a motorcycle? No, it’s a Delfast. The Ukraine based electric bikes brand Delfast releases the upgraded version of its bestseller – Top 2.0 – called Top 3.0, which is now available online.

Delfast 3.0 | Electric Motorcycles News | THE PACK

The previous Delfast Top 2.0 already came with a top speed of 80 km per hour and that has remained the same for the new Top 3.0. What makes this upgraded renewed bike 3.0 a lot more practical is the new belt carbon drive. Delfast Chief Engineer, Serhii Goncharov: “The chain is the major weakness of the entire e-bike design. The regular chain’s lifecycle is no longer than a few thousands kilometres. Moreover, it requires constant service and troubling maintenance.”

Delfast 3.0 | Electric Motorcycles News | THE PACK

The team now offers the single-speed belt construction that no longer has any kind of complications with the transmission. Therefore, with the belt drive a rider can enjoy the longer life cycle and the lack of maintenance and lubrication of the transmission. Plus, the belt drive is lighter than the regular bike chain.

Delfast 3.0 | Electric Motorcycles News | THE PACK

New Top 3.0 also has the headlight with the low and high beam modes, which the rides during the night time much safer, especially at the high speed. The high beam shines bright and far and in the narrow beam. This type of the headlight was added to the model with the account that Delfast e-bike will be used in the cloudy and rainy weather and in any season.

Delfast 3.0 | Electric Motorcycles News | THE PACK

The price of the Top 3.0 electric bike is USD 6 649 with the delivery to the United States, EUR 6 249 to the European Union and USD 6 799 – the rest of the world. There is an Early Bird ordering for those purchasing the Top 3.0 in the beginning of June with the price being around 1 000 (USD/EUR) lower.

The additional good news is that Delfast finally has the worldwide credit financing option by PayPal. Now, everyone can purchase Delfast in credit using PayPal. This is a great option for those outside of the US, while Klarna is only available for those in America. Moreover, Affirm financing starts working this week. In total, Delfast has 3 credit options for the customers to choose from.

Delfast 3.0 | Electric Motorcycles News | THE PACK


Frame: Patented reinforced, high tensile steel
Frame cover: Frame cover paint in matte black
Fork: DNM USD-8S
Suspension: DNM RCP-2S
Seat tube: Manual adjustable seat post
Batteries: 72V 48Ah 20S15P Panasonic 3200mAh + Bluetooth smart BMS
Charger: 84V 9A (110V-220V) + waterproof gold plated connector LLT
72V 60A:
1) PAS/Throttle
2) ECO/CITY/Unlimit
3) Recuperation
Shifter + Rear Derailleur: N / A (one speed)
Motor: QS V2 IPX5 protection, main power 3000W, starting power 5000W
Torque: 182N·m
Brakes: Double hydraulic line Tektro HD-E525 + double front 203mm brake disc
Freewheel: Single Speed Freewheel 16T
Tires: 80/100-19″ (motorcycle tires)
Lights: Front light (with the ability to switch to high and low beam)
• Bluetooth
• Keychain
• Start/Stop button
• Remote launch
• Alarm
• Motor blocking
• GPS-tracker (without sim card)
Display: Colorful display with USB port
Belt system:
Gates 22T Belt Rear Sprocket
Gates Carbon-Mixed Belt Chain
Gates Belt with crankset Chain Sprocket MOQ≥50sets


Delfast 3.0 | Electric Motorcycles News | THE PACK

Moto saddle
Delfast’s engineers developed a special motorcycle saddle for your comfort. Suitable for those who are used to riding a motorcycle. When riding, one can change the riding angle.

Universal moto/seatpost
A universal motorcycle saddle creates additional opportunities. You can attach standard or improved wardrobe trunks on it, which makes the bike suitable for long trips.

Standart side boxes (pair with brackets)
A good solution to unload your back while traveling. Also suitable for long trips. Standard side boxes can be attached and removed very easily.

Delfast Cargo Trailer (with mount)
Specially designed for outdooring, folding, lightweight, compact and inexpensive. Delfast Cargo Trailer is convenient: unloads the back, allows you to drive longer, including on difficult terrain.

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