TRIPL is a Danish designed electric vehicle which clearly proves that innovative design and functionality can indeed go hand in hand. As a highly robust vehicle with a unique design, TRIPL also offers uncompromising functionality. This unique concept enables TRIPL to be fast, agile and adroit, accessing areas inaccessible to other vehicles. The vehicle’s high degree of accessibility means that it can help to relieve traffic congestion in major cities. TRIPL also features a spacious cargo hold that can accommodate more and bigger packages than a vehicle of comparable size.

TRIPL is the first electric vehicle of its kind. Its unique design causes it to stand out in the crowd, providing a great eye-catching way to brand your business. Easy to foil with personalised messages, TRIPL is sure to be noticed – whether you are delivering goods in urban environments or using TRIPL to showcase your products at trade fairs, festivals and similar events.


It is an electric vehicle, and therefore emits zero CO2 during operation. TRIPL can reduce your CO2 footprint by ensuring a cleaner urban environment and cleaner air. TRIPL is therefore approved for use in the environmental zones that already exist in many major cities.

Another important environmental consideration is TRIPL’s low operating noise. Less noise is not only good news for everyone living in major cities, but also means greater comfort and driving pleasure for TRIPL operators.

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Thanks to its excellent suspension and good ergonomics when mounting and dismounting, TRIPL is comfortable and ergonomic to use, ensuring hours of driving pleasure.

TRIPL’s designers have devoted considerable thought to ergonomics, so that the driver can mount and dismount the vehicle without twisting the lumbar area. The driver can easily mount the vehicle from the rear, which speeds up the work routines and saves time. TRIPL also features a height-adjustable seat so the driver can maintain a healthy S-shaped spine. A correct sitting position and good comfort are further supported by a flexible leg position and the fact that the handlebars and grips are within easy reach of the driver. In short – a practical vehicle which guarantees efficient and problem-free deliveries.


Equipped with a reverse gear and a turning diameter of 7.5 meters, TRIPL is easy to manoeuver in urban environments. TRIPL makes light of small urban roads and narrow streets where lorry or van access can both be difficult and time consuming. The process of delivering cargo is thus highly efficient and accessibility is aided by the fact that TRIPL can be put in reverse so the driver can turn the vehicle quickly and proceed to the next delivery.


TRIPL has a flexible cargo module whose layout and configuration can easily be changed. If you need to deliver small packages, the model comes with a closed cargo hold so the packages have maximum protection. If you need to deliver larger packages, the top can quickly be removed to provide more room.

The cargo module can be divided into different-sized compartments and adapted to keep products hot or cold – e.g. for hot meals and cold drinks.
In other words, TRIPL can be customised according to your exact specifications – while still leaving plenty of room for your goods.

TRIPL comes with a closed cargo hold as standard. The cargo hold, which is equipped with a 20 A/12 V power outlet, can accommodate up to 750 litres, which is far more than vehicles of comparable size. The large cargo capacity ensures maximum efficiency.

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TRIPL is an energy-efficient electric vehicle with carrying capacity of 750 litres. It is a vehicle with unlimited uses within:

• Facility Management
• Last-mile delivery
• Field marketing/promotion
• Public sector
• Mobile outlets

Driving facts:

• Top speed 45 km/h
• Range up to 144 km

Cargo facts:

• 750 litres trunk
• 290 kg load capacity (incl. driver)
• 596 kg allowed total weight

Source & pictures: TRIPL 

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