Trinity launches its first electric-powered motorcycle on the European market. The motorbike named after NEON is available in an off-road (NEON X) and a road version (NEON S). The electric motorcycle is approved as a moped with a maximum speed up to 45 km/h. However, the upgrade to 6 kW electric motor allows acceleration and pulling at the level of a 125cc equivalent.

Electric Motorcycles News - Trinity Electric Vehicles - NEON

For Reinhold Richert, Managing Director of Trinity Electric Vehicles GmbH, a dream comes true with the introduction of an electric Enduro: “Right from the founding of TRINITY we knew that the electric scooter was just the first step in the introduction of e-mobility for the two-wheelers, so now we are taking the next logical step and offering a product for a whole new audience.”

Acceleration and draft of the new Trinity NEON are at the level of a 125cc. The chassis and braking system is designed to be tight and can therefore score equally on the road and off-road.

Technically, the new NEON shines with full-LED headlights, a Keyless-Go system and a digital display. The pulsating parking light with the kickstand extended brings the NEON into lurking position. Night driving with Bilux lamps and the light output of a candle are history – the ultra-bright low and high beam illuminates the roadway broad and neutral white.

Electric Motorcycles News - Trinity Electric Vehicles - NEON

“If I am on forest roads and dirt roads with the NEON X now, I see no more annoyance in the eyes of the farmers, foresters and hunters, but amazement and I am glad that we can offer this beautiful feeling with one of our products and at a really attractive price.”

Too lazy to turn the key around? No problem! Thanks to the innovative Keyless-Go system, the vehicle can also be driven without inserting the key. Of course, the theft protection is taken care of: If the vehicle is moved without a transponder, the alarm is automatically activated.

The digital display shows all important information at a glance. In addition to the battery level indicator in percent, temperatures of the engine, controller and battery can be evaluated and displayed. Naturally, the NEON also informs its driver about the currently selected driving mode. There are currently three driving modes available. ECO controls the starting behavior, the torque and the maximum speed. In DRIVE mode, the complete driving characteristics are designed for relaxed and safe driving in everyday life. And those who prefer to make their own way through dirt and mud, are best served with the SPORT mode – peak performances are up to 6kW (with two batteries up to 9kW). The aggressiveness of the drive almost gives the impression that you are sitting on a big Enduro with more than 125ccm.

With a battery you have a range of 50km in DRIVE mode. The range can be doubled by a second battery, which also finds its place under the seat. If the batteries are connected in parallel, the maximum power can be increased up to 9kW without damaging the batteries due to overloading. The weight per battery is about 13kg. The vehicle is charged via a normal 230V socket, either directly on the vehicle or in the apartment directly on the battery outside the NEON.

Trinity Electric Vehicles recently presented the NEON at the INTERMOT 2018 in Cologne. The list price for the new NEON is 3.699 € with one battery and 4.499 € with two batteries. The NEON X and NEON S can now be pre-ordered on the Trinity Electric Vehicles website. Deliveries will be made in March / April 2019.

Electric Motorcycles News - Trinity Electric Vehicles - NEON

About Trinity Electric Vehicles

Trinity Electric Vehicles GmbH has been selling electric scooters in Europe since 2013. The model range currently includes eight scooters with speeds between 45 and 120 km / h. The distribution takes place via dealers but also directly through the own onlineshop. Every electric scooter gets an extensive initial inspection before delivery. Only then will the vehicle be loaded and delivered ready for use.

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