Scooty Brussels was launched in October 2016 in a beta phase with electric scooters in an area bordered by Brussels Central Station, Avenue Louise and the European Quarter (Belgium). During the Spring of 2017, the project will be extended to a larger region with more scooters.

Users of Scooty just need a smartphone to use this service: with the Scooty mobile app (at any time of day or night) they can see which scooter (a Scooty) is available in the agreed area. Just click on the scooter on the map and your reservation is ready. Thereafter, a user has a quarter of an hour in order to go to the scooter. Another click of the button will unlock the scooter and turn on the engine. They don’t need a helmet, the scooters are equipped with 2 helmets in the topcase and other accessories. There are also no fixed stations and users can leave a scooter on the sidewalk, right at their destination.

After registering, a user will first need to follow a free training course, unless he opts-out and states that he or she has enough experience to drive a scooter in live traffic. During the training course Scooty Brussels will show them how to drive a Scooty and explain how the app works.

Users only pay-as-you-go per ride for now. The service will add prepaid bulk minute packages and subscriptions soon. Payment completely goes through the application. Scooty also has an offer tailored for companies to offer their employees an eco & mobility alternative to avoid traffic jams.

Source & pictures: Scooty Brussels

Guy Salens

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