This range includes electric bicycles and e-scooters, among other vehicles that Torrot will design, manufacture and market. The future of personal mobility is linked to the connection between vehicles. Therefore Torrot connects your vehicle with the user and the city, getting an efficient, safe and sustainable Smart city and positioned as personal mobility interconnected provider of next-generation electric vehicles.


The first lightweight electrical scooter designed to move you around with no hassles. It’s super-easy to drive, comfortable, has a small boot for a jet or demi-jet helmet and comes with LED lights in front and back, disk brakes and everything you are looking for to move you around the city in a fun, safe, efficient way. It’s informal, extroverted aesthetic was designed for people like you who value time and practicality above all else.


The Muvi has removable batteries which you can easily recharge anywhere. Charge them in just four hours wherever and however you want: in the garage, at the office or at public charging points. Plus, depending on your needs, the Muvi can be configured to fit you: choose it with more or less power depending on how you’re going to use it.


Control and configure your MUVI with your Android or iOS smartphone. Turn your MUVI into a social and interactive vehicle.


  • LCD Display 4” 320 x240
  • CAN BUS communication + bluetooth
  • Remote diagnosis APP Smartphone / Tablet + diagnosis OBD-1
  • Direct communication with Torrot through GPRS APP Smartphone
  • Management of consumption patterns (1/2 batteries, temperatures, remaining range)
  • Allows keyless ignition system
  • The user can select between three different dashboard screens designs through


As well as the City and Executive versions, Torrot has foreseen the possibility of customising the new MUVI model to cover the specific needs of fleets, large organisations and companies such as delivery and sharing services, medical, police and security services, just to name a few. Accessories and other elements can be adapted to the particular load carrying and transport needs of each sector.

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