Source: TACITA website | TACITA is delighted to respond to the ambitious New Energies program recently presented by Amaury Sport Organisation. ASO organises the Dakar Rally, Le Tour de France and La Vuelta. Several years in the development, Tacita has a bike specifically designed to answer the ASO project.

TACITA T-RACE RALLY PRO 2021 DAKAR - THE PACK - Electric Motorcycles News

The TACITA program goes even further than ASO criteria. The 2021 T-RACE RALLY PRO racing bikes are 100% recharged by renewable energies. This means there is no need any internal combustion engine generator.

Despite the complications of the pandemic, 2020 saw the Italian company continue the development, tests and the fine tuning of its technology. This intense program saw the TACITA electric bikes prove their reliability on all kind of terrains in every condition. From rocky paths, sand dunes, snow and ice, passing from torrid temperatures to the thermometer going below zero, the Tacita system took it all in its stride.

Guy Salens

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