Electric Motorcycles News was invited for the reveal of the NovaBike08 of Nova Electric Racing in Delft (The Netherlands). Hard work pays off. After countless hours, the time was there to reveal the motor to the public. During this special event on June 7th at TU Delft the team was happy to show the final result and even let the rear wheel spin!

Looking forward from here, they will have quite some testing ahead to get ready for the races. First tests can be made in the Dreamhall on their dyno (dynamometer). Next to this, there will be also a test on the circuit of Zandvoort. To keep improving, the battery pack will be reassembled in the coming week. Nova Electric Racing will enhance the data communication by shielding the wires, and have improved dividers for the stacking configuration. Next to this, the relay box will be rewired, with an even more efficient layout.

Motor In Action

Watch this short clip to see the NovaBike08 in action. Here you can see a demo of our electric motor during the reveal presentation.


The fulltime team of Nova Electric Racing, together with rider Casper Voogt. From left to right: Floris Straver, Casper Voogt, Tom Gudde, Britt Blankenaar, Roelof Jan de Vries and Arjen Kremers.


The final dates for the MotoE competition are set. Nova Electric Racing is going to race on the following days and tracks (all in the UK):

12-13 August: Anglesey
1-3 September: Snetterton
7-8 October: Donnington Park

Reveal (pictures)


Guy Salens

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