THE PACK also presents strategic, creative and promotional services for electric motorcycle companies and suppliers. Manufacturers can integrate THE PACK in their global communication and promotion strategy.


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Guy Salens: THE PACK is a unique platform for the worldwide light electric vehicle industry. I strongly believe that you can integrate THE PACK as a marketing tool in your communication strategy. The added value is our network and its followers. THE PACK has become a new marketing channel for your target audience.

THE PACK creates, publishes and shares your story at the website and its social media accounts. For more information and prices, please download our mediapack:

E-center multi-brand shop

The switch to electric driving can’t be stopped anymore and customers are looking for clear information. It is the first time that such radical changes have taken place in the mobility sector. The motorcycle market is always a bit behind (compared to the car market), but E-center at the Automotive Center provides an overtaking maneuver. There are many start-ups with innovative ideas and affordable solutions. Gert-Jan Rongen (Electric Motorbikes in the Netherlands) brings these young electric motorcycle brands to the Benelux in cooperation with Guy Salens (THE PACK “Electric Motorcycles News”).

At the moment E-center can deliver models anywhere in the Benelux from the brands:

Alrendo Motorcycles
OX Motorcycles (pre-order)
Pursang Motorcycles
RGNT Motorcycles
Zero Motorcycles

Electric motorcycle reviews

We have the possibility to test your electric motorcycles in Belgium and write a review at THE PACK “Electric Motorcycles News” website. Please contact me for further information and logistic arrangements:


THE PACK shares its expertise, contacts and knowledge to get E-manufacturers on the right track. As an outsider we can see the situation from a fresh perspective and we like to think out-of-the-box.

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A global brand communication plan includes the guidelines for a complete housestyle, graphic design for print, web, digital communication and social media for your brand, company or store.

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Public relations

For all your press releases, THE PACK is working together with a Belgian agency specialized in PR and content marketing. We translate your expertise and know-how into a clear and professional message tailored to your target audience. Contacting journalists goes further than just an email address in a database. Thanks to their many years of experience we have established a strong bond with international press contacts. This way we bring your story to the right journalist.

Yadea C1S | EMN | Electric Motorcycles News
Bas Verkaik (ELEO) at presentation Yadea (EICMA)