Milan, 7 November 2017 | Press release | Eicma 2017 | Since 2010 Kumpan electric has mixed up the two-wheeler market with electric scooters. Nowadays e-bility GmbH offers, furthermore, a variety of other products and services; its vehicle portfolio has expanded to electrical drivetrains, Energy Storage Systems and Sharing solutions. Kumpan electric sees itself today more than purely as a vehicle manufacturer, but more as mobility service provider and System supplier.

Kumpan electric presents, with the new “Ri-series” an unprecedented world novelty in the two-wheeler sector. For the 2018 model year, Kumpan electric is expanding its model range with the new electric scooter 1954 Ri (retro intelligence). This does not only convince with numerous innovations, but also impresses, as usual, with its distinctive dynamic design-language in a retro style.

Made in Rheinland

The new Kumpan 1954 Ri combines uncompromising functionality with high-quality materials, efficient driving pleasure and a special level of security. Equipped with touch-screen speedometer, LED lighting, a modular interchangeable battery system and numerous connectivity options, the new generation of vehicles is perfectly aligned to individual customer needs (retail, B2B customers and Scooter Sharing provider).

Via a smartphone interface (Bluetooth) and the specially developed smartphone App, the user can intuitively control the functions of the new Kumpan 1954 Ri. The App allows the user to configure the e-scooter to its liking, and to uses other smartphone Apps, e.g. Navigation, on the touchscreen display. Whether Eco, Standard or Sport mode, coupled with the newly developed energy recovery (recuperation), the Kumpan driver determines by itself immediately, how to retrieve the power of his vehicle.

The revised operating concept provides fast and clear information, without distracting the driver. The operation takes place via the newly developed scroll button on the steering wheel or the large touchscreen speedometer.

Generation Ri – „Made in Germany“

The complete assembly of the new vehicle generation Retro Intelligence will be taking place in Remagen. About 80 percent of the components for production, are manufactured in Germany and regional suppliers.

Until the start of production in February, the production plant Remagen will be further developed and adjusted for the production of the new generation of Retro Intelligence.

With this consistent step, we have managed to design a vehicle that is Made in Rheinland. We have significantly increased the German value added and are already feeling the positive reaction of our customers. At a top speed of 100 km/h, we also reach a new target group in the market” says Managing Director Patrik Tykesson.

Technical specifications

  • Engine: Brushless wheel hub engine
  • Performance: 3-5 kW Brakes:
  • Hydraulic disc brakes with ABS (optional)
  • Speed: 45 km/h, 100 km/h
  • Battery: 51 V 29 Ah (scalable up to three batteries)
  • Battery cells: LG, Battery-Package manufactured in Germany – each battery singularly removable and chargeable
  • Range: Up to 175 km (45 km/h)
  • Display: 7” TFT Touchscreen, config. via iOS und Android
  • Diagnostics interface: Can Bus, BLE, GSM, remote maintenance

How it all started…

It all began in 2009 in the living room of their parents, as three brothers, Daniel, Patrik and Philipp Tykesson, decided to replace the existing gasoline motor scooters by zero-emissions, noiseless ones. Especially the two-wheel motorized market was an exciting challenge for them, because the range requirements are not as high as for the cars. Two-wheeled vehicles are an efficient transportation tool for short- and medium-distance routes in urban and rural areas.

The electric scooters existing on the market in these times, were either technically immature, the design was not acceptable for the European market or the quality and performance were inadequate. Riding ranges were too short, the batteries and charging management were unreliable and the vehicle was too heavy. A professional brand identity of importers or manufacturers did not exist – a gap, which the 3 brothers wanted to close with their Kumpan electric brand and its electric scooters. That was the go-ahead in an incredibly fascinating adventure, with a vision of changing the street-image of tomorrow.

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