The Industrie Motocicli Nuccitelli Srl with brand Rondine Motor was founded to create core technologies that would provide clean, efficient, reliable and affordable transportation. For over 5 years, leading engineers and with their own design centre, Rondine have worked to create a 100% electric vehicle that also had performance and Italian style.

The result was the Elettra Platform, developed by their own Design team, under the leadership of Marco Nuccitelli as chief designer. Rondine Motor showcases the scalability and cross-platform functionality of Rondine core technologies as a zero gas-emission vehicle which has 3 models so far: the Rondine Motard, the Rondine Off-Road and the Rondine Café Racer.

Today, as the demand for energy efficient vehicles is growing, Rondine Motor is leading a revolution in personal transportation and providing customers with a growing range of electric motorcycles options from Li+Ion to Li-PO for the racing version. Rondine Motor is available to produce on demand little series of motorcycles, meantime we are working to start the normal production.

Rondine Motard

Performance meets passion in the Rondine Motard. Through a collaborative relationship with the Design team, the Rondine Motard showcases the scalability and cross-platform functionality of Rondine core technologies. The Rondine Motard is a beautiful, clean bike to move around. With performance specs for the urban city and easy recharge.

Rondine Off-Road

Rondine Off-Road expands the use of the motorcycle, it is possible to be in contact with nature without gas emissions, in silence. It is possible to access the outside terrain and move around more efficiently, ecotourism on it’s best! Rondine Off-Road is perfect for urban commissions and suburban play.

Rondine Café-Racer

Rondine Cafe-Racer is cool !! Cafe-Racer is the first example of the development of the Italian style on Elettra’s platform. The first of many others. Cafè-Racer is in turn the transformer base for the customizers and is also indicated for the women bikers riders.

Specifications Rondine Motard / Off-Road / Café Racer


  • Motor: Electric Brushless Permanent Magnet 74 Vdc
  • Power: 9,6 Kw / 13,5 CV 4000gm – 23Nm
  • Controller: Syncrodrive – Seavcon – Can bus system
  • Batteries: 4,2 Kwh- Li.Ion / 2,2 Kwh- LI.PO 31Ah / 10C –
  • Full Charge: 3 hours input Voltage 220V
  • Life Cycle: 1500/2000 Deep Charge
  • Frame: Twin spar Perimeter
  • Performance
    – City Map 110 Kmh – range 80Km /
    – Fast Map 100 Kmh – range 50Km / Racing version 20 min


  • Front Suspension: Hydraulic, fully adjustable Forks – 910 mm
  • Rear Suspension: Hydraulic piggy back reservoir, fully adjustable shock 500 mm
  • Front brake: Hydraulic 240 mm single disc with single piston caliper 240 mm
  • Rear Brake: Hydraulic 230 mm single disc with dual piston caliper
  • Front Tyre:
    – 17’ 100/100-17 Aluminum / magnesium Alloy 7116 Motard
    – 21′ 80/100-21 Aluminum / magnesium Alloy 7116 Off-Road
  • Rear Tyre:
    – 18’ 110/100-18 Aluminum/magnesium Alloy 7116 Motard / Café-Racer
    – 18′ 110/100-18 Aluminum/magnesium Alloy 7116 Off-Road


  • Length: 2120 mm
  • Width: 820 mm
  • Height: 1245 mm
  • Wheelbase: 1440 mm
  • Ground Clearance: 320 mm
  • Seat Height: 920 mm
  • Weight: 115 kg

The PowerTrain is the core feature of the Elettra range

All Elettra motorcycles feature a direct drive, maintenance-free PowerTrain. The Elettra PowerTrain uses a technology to maximize efficiency and eliminate the need for complex cooling mechanisms. The resulting system produces so little heat under typical operation, that everything from the power pack to the motor itself is entirely air-cooled. The result is fewer possible mechanical problems and increased range. When it comes to maintenance, parts, fluids, transmissions and heat, less is more.

Following the Rondine motorbikes brand style, the Electric range is highly recognizable for its innovative technological and design features. First of all, we have developed the PowerTrain, the most advanced electric motor in the market, that will easily adapt to further improvements in batteries efficiency thus increasing market appeal while allowing flexibility in manufacturing.

The story of Rondine Motor

Rondine Motor was founded by brothers Filippo and Marco Nuccitelli (Italy), already owners of a design studio. Being an innovative electric motorcycle brand, the name itself comes from the “Rondine” the famous multi-cylinder motorbike developed by the conte Bonmartini in the early twenties.

Just like the present models, the original Rondine (1925-1926) was very innovative: it sported a four cylinders mounted transversally on the frame. The transmission was linked through a flywheel directly to the crankshaft (instead of the chain and sprocket as it was usual at that time). It used the Roots volume compressor and cooling (initially air and water) but successively achieved just by water.

In a later stadium, the company was bought by Giuseppe Gilera who was well known and won many prizes with Pietro Taruffi under the Gilera-Rondine brand. Through the years the brand name was changed to just Gilera.

In 2005, the Nuccitelli brothers presented with the Rondine brand the first working motorbike prototype, the RRV1 model, with its innovative technology ad design. 5 years later, the Industrie Motocicli Nuccitelli Srl was founded to design, develop and then finance the production of the Rondine electric motorbikes range. Later on, the new Elettra Platform was introduced. First version was a naked motorcycle concept with powered by Lithium energy systems which increase both the range and performance while decreasing recharging times.

In addition of the revolutionary motard version of Elettra, Rondine Motor showed in 2014 the off-road version in Messe Frankfurt Automechanica. In 2015 they build the motor brushless of 10Kwh and in Fiera di Roma Motodays they exposed the new Cafe-Racer. Last year Rondine Motor is committed to industrializing the production system and seeking high quality control of power management software.

While Industrie Motocicli Nuccitelli S.r.l. has already its own research and development and design studio with a full equipped workshop for small-scale production, Rondine Motor is now planning to establish a new plant where the Design Centre will be remain the true heart of the production.

Source & pictures: Rondine Motor

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