Bruno Forcella from Sine Cycles takes e-mobility to the next level. The Swiss electrical engineer combined his pioneering concept of an electric chopper, custom built in his own garage, with the first electric skateboard, custom made in Germany – a unique combination of two groundbreaking technologies.

With his brainchild SineCycles Bruno wanted to create something different, electric, but real. Now, as a Kickstarter backer of Mellow Boards he just received one of their first electric skateboard drives available on the market and upgraded his concept, calling it lovingly the „Range Extender“.

Bruno Forcella: “I always wanted to build a custom bike different from anything else. There had to be something about the bike that would differentiate it from all other custom-builts. With my Mellow Drive it’s a perfect match for cruising in the city …

Bruno Forcella (Picture by Da Guru Photography)

The Mellow Drive is the world’s first electric skateboard drive custom-made in Germany and one of the first that can be mounted on almost any skateboard or longboard. By simply replacing the rear truck of the board the drive brings the sense of the Endless Ride from surfing or snowboarding to the streets, even if it’s just on the way from A to B.

Sine Cycles and Mellow Boards: the perfect EV combination in town!

About Mellow Boards

When Johannes Schewe and Kilian Green started Mellow it was just two guys dreaming of the Endless Ride – bringing the feeling of surfing and snowboarding to the streets. Three years of design, prototyping and finetuning were necessary to produce a creation with more than 300 custom-made individual parts which would make the dream of the Endless Ride come true. The result is a mountable electric skateboard drive – a high quality product for high-performance use, made in Germany. With the help of a whole bunch of similarly enthusiastic board sports people, a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2015 and the cooperation with investor and production partner TQ Systems, Mellow Boards launched the final Mellow Drive in March 2017.

The Mellow team has the ambition is to set new standards. Six employees and more than a dozen of freelancers, bring a variety of professional skills to the table. They are not only driven by the dream of the endless ride, but also by the vision of sustainable urban mobility. The Mellow Drive offers an innovative emission-free alternative to cars, busses or scooters and is a smart last-mile solution, able to transform how we think about urban mobility.


SineCycles – Electric Chopper

  • Custom made in Switzerland
  • One of its kind
  • Top speed: 120 kph / 75 mph
  • Range: 55 km / 34 miles
  • Torque: 57 Nm
  • Capacity: 2.8 kWh
  • Weight: 135 kg / 342 lbs

Mellow Drive – Electric Skateboard Drive

  • Custom made in Germany
  • Mountable on any board
  • Top speed: 40 kph / 25mph
  • Range: 15 km / 9.3 miles
  • Torque: 2×3 Nm
  • Capacity: 0,99 kWh
  • Weight: 4.1 kg / 9 lbs

Guy Salens

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