Source: official press release + interview | The fully electric cruiser “Panther” from Hadin has been revealed in Milan to meet the rising demand for electric mobility, also giving nods to the American heritage of classic cruiser styling. The Panther represents the first creation by Hadin, a new brand founded in California in 2016, and it will be produced in a dedicated and modern plant in Wuxi, China. Mass production of the Panther is expected to begin in the first half of 2020, with a capacity of 1,500 bikes per year at full operation. First deliveries of the bike will be made in the early part of next year, with Europe as a customer focus.

electric c ruiser Panther from Hadin | Electric Motorcycles News

Global intelligence for a smart bike

To develop the Panther, Hadin gathered intelligence from experts in Europe – specifically Germany, The Netherlands, France and Belgium – and in Asia, extending to China, Thailand and Indonesia. The major research findings combine the best of both markets, with many electric motorcycles developed in Europe and demonstrated in Asia, as hundreds of millions of electric vehicles are already on the road in China. Thanks to the experience and know-how of this group of technicians, Hadin is confident that its first bike is ideally suited to its intended markets. This is the result of a global collaboration of two teams; one fully concentrated on the development of the structure and the accurate selection of components, the other on the electrical systems and motor.

electric c ruiser Panther from Hadin | Electric Motorcycles News

For the production of this high-end product, Hadin engineers relied on American- and European-recognized manufacturers of components and systems, many of whom have provided Hadin with custom-made products specifically developed for the Panther. The result is a highly technological product which does not forget the stylish trends of new lifestyle standards.

High-end look and feel

The aluminium trellis frame is welded by hand. The seat is hand made with a one-piece fine leatherette and the metal-cut handlebar position contributes to the swept-back riding style of the cruiser. The Panther’s headlights have four LED lenses with upper and lower beams for different illuminating distance, and the LED brake light has a cutting-edge design. The Panther comes with an almost infinite number of body colours and special attention was dedicated by Hadin for the paint finish. The paint shop in the production line employs a bespoke spray machine that ensures a perfect finish.

electric c ruiser Panther from Hadin | Electric Motorcycles News
electric c ruiser Panther from Hadin | Electric Motorcycles News

The comfortable riding position ensures an enjoyable riding experience, while the adjustable suspension includes three settings for further comfort or to suit the riding conditions: Soft, Normal and Hard. The double disk brakes on the front and the single disk brake on the rear, together with the ABS, all contribute to a safe riding experience.

Highly efficient electric powertrain

At the heart of the Panther is its innovative electric motor, fully developed and produced in-house and patented by Hadin. This motor ensures a very low noise and high efficiency. It features a 45kW output and is powered by a Panasonic Ternary Lithium Battery, which comes with a five-year warranty and a battery management system included.

To meet different riding experiences, Panther can be driven in three different modes – Eco, Normal and Sport – all selectable through a button on the motorcycle handlebar. Eco allows a trip of 220 km with a full charge, at a maximum speed of 70km/h; Normal provides a balanced ride for all skill levels and a trip at full charge of 180 km, at a maximum speed of 100 km/h, while Sport enhances performance, the essence of this electric engine, allowing a maximum speed of 129 km/h, with a range of 160 km.

electric c ruiser Panther from Hadin | Electric Motorcycles News

Fast charging at home or on the road

Recharging of the battery is carried out by a charging system housed in the tank of the motorcycle. A single socket with two different outputs – one for domestic connection plugs – takes from six to eight hours for full recharging, while the other is compatible with electric car recharging stations. With this faster recharging system, the Panther battery takes half an hour to reach 80% charged and two hours for a full recharge.

electric c ruiser Panther from Hadin | Electric Motorcycles News

More smart features

Panther comes with an intelligent on-board computer that controls all the main functions of the motorcycle. The bike is keyless, using fingerprint technology, and the scanner is built on top of the charging tank. This will give the rider faster access, with multiple drivers allowed to be added. A smartphone app, both for iOS and Android operating systems, allows for other functions through the wireless connection.

electric c ruiser Panther from Hadin | Electric Motorcycles News

These smartphone features include showing the battery charge level, displaying its voltage and capacity, or warning notifications. Navigation information and ABS operation are shown on a rectangular 7” colour TFT dashboard, optimally integrated in the futuristic style of the Panther.

On the front and the back, Panther hosts two HD video recorders to film journeys. Videos are loaded on an SD card and they can be seen afterwards through the smartphone app.

electric c ruiser Panther from Hadin | Electric Motorcycles News

Our correspondent could talk to these guys from Hadin at EICMA

Why did you think about making an electric cruiser?
It is a very personal and emotional reason, because our founder is very passionated about low ride style cruisers.

What kind of relationship is there between the American company and China?
After the design is done, we found out that the soil of U.S. is not fit for making an electric motorcycle, we have moved our R&D and production to China.

Where is the bike produced?
Wuxi, China, the center of TWO WHEEL electric mobility.

Which are your main technical suppliers for the development of the bike?
As we stated, the Panther is a work of collective intelligence. The battery is produced by Panasonic. The dashboard is Cobo, which is Italian; BMS is Sevcom, which is British; Transmission system is Gates, which is U.S.; Tires are Pirelli, which is Italian. The Trellis frame is handcrafted by a 20-year experienced welder; Later we would like to upgrade our suspension and brake to Olins and Brembo. The electric motor has been developed in China by the best engineer who is experienced in motorcycle and electric motorcycle for over 14 years.

When it will be possible to test the bike?
Jan 2020 – Mar 2020. After some minor improvements on software interface-UI.

When will be the bike available in Europe and how will be distributed?
Half year, we have not decided the distribution channel yet. This could be via internet, distributors, flagship store. Right now, we are applying and acquiring Patents from U.S, Japan, EU, the Emark is also on its way.

What will be the public price?

How the after sales support will be organized?
We will send a specialist/technician with a local native translator to the end customer within 3 days.

How many pieces do you expect to sell in the next 3/5 year?
We expect 500 pieces every year.

In which countries do you think motorcycles will be most successful?
Although Benelux, Germany, France are doing well in electric charging station and have more acceptance towards new mobility, we believe that Italy is also a great place for our product, Italians are passionate about motorcycle with a unique style.

Which are the next developments/improvement for panther?
So far, we have already some of the best electric components. Now we want to have a motorcycle components upgrade, for example, suspension made of Olins, brakes made by Brembo,

Are you planning new models?
Our next model will be a urban commuter type motorcycle. We are considering the Panther as the first Generation of cruiser, for the Gen 2 of Panther, you can expecting west-coast style chopper.

Do you plan to create a line of dedicated accessories?
Yes. You can look forward to all kind of merchandise and accessories.

Who are you competitors?
We do not consider we have competitors, our product is production ready. Not a prototype or and 3D render picture.

Do you have a system for the disposal of used batteries?
As you may found out that we are using the 18650 Tenary Lithium battery of Panasonic, warranty of 3 years, with extra factory warranty of 2 years, 5 years in Total. By using Panasonic, we are also a part of the battery recycling plan. for our bike, we change their batteries with certain cost after warranty.


electric cruiser Panther from Hadin | Electric Motorcycles News

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