This team from Cleveland, Ohio has surprised us with an innovative and differentiated approach in the E-vehicle market. Cleveland CycleWerks was founded on the idea that hard work, creativity and a solid team working towards a common goal can move mountains. They are designing, developing, and manufacturing motorcycles from the ground up for over 10 years.

The motorcycle is dead.
Long live the motorcycle.

The Falcon - Cleveland CycleWerks - Electric Motorcycles News

Scott Colosimo: “The Industry is obsessed with more power, more speed, more expense, more weight, more tech, more more more more. It’s driving us nuts! We just want fun and affordable bikes to ride, and that is exactly what we produce. One simple word. FUN. This is really what it comes down to. FUN on your commute, FUN around town, FUN with friends.”

“Cleveland Cyclewerks has been building affordable gas bikes for 10 years. We build them to be customized affordably. Our new E Mobility platforms are also built to be affordably customized, both digitally and mechanically. All the tech you need, all the power you want, with none of the bullshit. Today, we present you: the FALCON.”

The Falcon - Cleveland CycleWerks - Electric Motorcycles News

Technical specifications

FALCONtroller (ECU)
The intelligent motor control system has been in development since 2014 by former Porsche E-Vehicle Engineers. Completing millions of miles of on-road testing, our controller is proven, durable, and robust. CAN (Controller Area Network) communication between battery, controller, and display provide a connected ecosystem. Bluetooth communication is standard, allowing re-configuration directly through the integrated display or your smartphone.

The Falcon - Cleveland CycleWerks - Electric Motorcycles News

Falcon Motor
Cleveland CycleWerk’s partner, Motenergy, is a US-based electric motor manufacturer. Having an experienced team from conception to production has been critical in extracting the most out of the power plant. The balance of performance and efficiency is paramount when it comes to electric vehicles and the Falcon motor is dialed.

Battery Pack
Over 4 million miles & 15,000 hours of charging. These packs have provided safe, continuous operation and long service life in both fleet and consumer applications. Cleveland is widely known for their extremely reliable products so partnering with experts in battery tech was key.

Having best-in-class battery packs required a high-quality Battery Management System (BMS). The BMS is designed to meet / exceed international standards and with UL certification, their vehicles and packs are legal to be distributed in more than 50 countries.

The Falcon - Cleveland CycleWerks - Electric Motorcycles News

Full Power, Low Consumption
A seemingly simple device, but done wrong by so many in the e-mobility space. The guidelines for the charging system were simple. To offer a high-quality product with the shortest possible charge times, the most user-friendly operation, and unsurpassed reliability. Capable of both 110V or 240V interfaces.

Falcon BLK Display
The stock display offers all of the necessary systems information such as RPM, Speed, Battery life, ride mode, and more. With the open-CAN interface, users have the freedom to use and customize the display to their needs. Your phone can also be used as a secondary display.

The Falcon - Cleveland CycleWerks - Electric Motorcycles News

Falcon 01 Display
Use your smartphone as a display and vehicle controller via Bluetooth. The same functionality as the built-in display on your mobile device. As many consumers have expressed the ability to control the vehicle through their phone, this option offers complete freedom.

CARD™ Dual Piston Disk Brakes
With the goal of partnering with US-based companies for the Falcon, CARD Components fit the bill nicely. Headquartered in Michigan, Card brakes are a best kept secret in junior racing circles and have proven a perfect fit for our Falcon. Lightweight, compact, powerful, and designed to take miles of abuse.

The Falcon - Cleveland CycleWerks - Electric Motorcycles News

SPHERE™ Hemispherical Brakes
In pushing the innovation bar higher, Cleveland CycleWerks took zero shortcuts on the Falcon. As electric vehicles promote reduction in complexity and ease of maintenance, the primary “wear” items are now minimized.
Since braking technology has not evolved in over 50 years Cleveland has partnered with Sphere brakes to develop the first new braking system in over a century; designed specifically for the e-mobility market. The team’s goal was to develop a system that adds no unneccessary complexity, is easy to service, and directly competes in size, weight and performance to current disk brakes.

The Networker
The VCU is used in complex vehicle wiring systems to control vehicle functions or as a gateway between separate CAN Buses. It takes on tasks such as the evaluation and control of the lighting system, and provides necessary anti-theft protection. In addition, the CCU is also suitable for big data applications, as it is equipped with WiFi and GPS connections to upload all collected data to a cloud. As a complete in-house development, the functions of the VCU can be completely adapted to customer wishes and requirements.

The Falcon - Cleveland CycleWerks - Electric Motorcycles News

Fleet Management / Service Software
A lot happens during the life of an electric vehicle. Cleveland offers dealer back-end software for complete diagnostic and service support. The Falcon software supports the calibration of control units, the commissioning of electrical systems, and stores protocols in databases for future analysis and logging. The control units are equipped with a USB diagnostic interface to give service staff access to the fault memory, data logging, and to carry out firmware updates.

Falcon Founders Editions

Founders Editions bikes are individually numbered and signed. They are delivered with CNC limited edition components, additive manufactured parts, and feature all modes unlocked for the ultimate customisation experience. Every Founders Edition model can be tailor-made for you at the factory.

FALCON 01 | E-Bike / E-Moped

The Falcon - Cleveland CycleWerks - Electric Motorcycles News


  • 50 mile range with a single, swappable pack
  • Optional second battery pack (x2 range and power)
  • Use smartphone as control center (via Bluetooth)
  • CARD™ Dual-Piston Braking System
  • 17 Inch Cast Aluminum Wheels
  • 750W – 6kW
  • E Bike Class 2 Limited @ 20 mph
  • E-Moped Limited @ 27 mph

Available now with Pre-Order Discount
$100 deposit | $250 discount = $7745 TOTAL
$1000 deposit | $500 discount = $7495 TOTAL

FALCON BLK | 3 Bikes in One

The Falcon - Cleveland CycleWerks - Electric Motorcycles News

FALCON BLK • Founders Edition – $14,995
On sale now limited to 20 units


  • 100 mile range, (2) Swappable Battery Packs
  • Integrated LCD Display via CAN interface
  • Smartphone Connected (via Bluetooth)
  • CARD™ Dual-Piston Braking System
  • Sphere™ Hemispherical Brakes (Future Release)
  • 17 Inch Cast Aluminum Wheels with Aero Disk
  • Fully Adjustable Rear Coil Shock
  • 750W – 12kW
  • E Bike Class 2 Limited @ 20 mph
  • E-Moped Limited @ 27 mph
  • E-Motorcycle @ +65 mph
  • Angry Pixy™ 20 sec. Boost Mode
  • Lower Skid Plate
  • Lumilor™ Electroluminescent Visiblity

Guy Salens

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