The Eagle is one of, if not the most powerful production ebikes on the planet, at 10KW of electrical power.
In most cases the Eagle is doubling the rated power of our competition. With up to 4KW of regenerative braking power, the Eagle has almost as much power in braking as the competition does in forward power.
Additionally, what they wont tell you is that rated electrical power and torque at the axle are not directly related, and we here at CAB have found the secrets to get the most torque per Watt out of the system. The Eagle has almost triple the torque of any available ebike. It will do any incline that you are capable of and throttle wheelie off the line, no one else can do this.

Talking electrical power, the Eagle sets the standard again with it’s huge capacity coming standard in the baseline model. The Eagle has a three position switch which allows for economy, power, and unlimited modes of power and comes standard with an over 2500 Wh battery. We have two options in development that will provide over 3000Wh and a gigantor 4500wh system. With the 4.5kwh system, you could expect ranges approaching 200 miles in economy mode and upto 80 miles racing a moto, you will want to get off of it before it is out of battery. The Eagle also comes with a 10amp charger standard, so no need to upgrade to one of still less power, The Eagle is again leading the market.

One of the most important aspects of the Eagle is the cooling. No other Ultra Powered ebike on the market today is cooling their motor at all. The Eagle has a comprehensive proprietary cooling scheme that turns night into day when needed. If trying to keep up with the power of an Eagle, all of our competitor’s bikes will just turn off to protect themselves from over heating, while the Eagle wont even notice. The ability to shed heat, and to do so orders of magnitude more quickly and efficiently than anyone else, is paramount if you are intending to win.

From an offroad-ability perspective, we are continuing to set the bar. We have 8″ of travel in the front and over 9″ in the rear. Both front and rear suspension systems are full adjustable for ride and ride height. The Eagle uses 19″ motorcycle rims and DOT Enduro tires with heavy duty tubes on both ends, creating the most robust system available. With the DOT enduro tires it is just as capable on road as it is off road. Ergonomically, the Eagle can fit almost everyone. With a quick twist of adjustment the Eagle can allow for people under 5′ to touch both feet or go all the way to 6’6″ and not feel cramped. The throttle is an actual dirtbike throttle that uses standard motorcycle grips, which makes a huge improvement from a plastic throttle.

Every component on the Eagle is designed or selectively sourced to provide the highest level of performance available on the market today. Every Eagle is lovingly built from the ground up and physically tested by a dedicated engineer right here in Huntington Beach, California.

About CAB Motorworks

CAB Motorworks was established and incorporated in 2013 by Chris Barnes, and is located in Huntington Beach California. Chris is a practicing engineer with a BS in Mechanical Engineering and a MS in Aerospace Engineering both from West Virginia University, and is a life long cycling enthusiast. Spending the majority of his life trying to beat anyone who would race him, whether it was on a gas powered motorcycle or a human/gravity powered mountain bike, Chris loved two wheels. It all came together when he first created his his own do it yourself electric bike out of his beach cruiser, realizing the potential, CAB Motorworks was born.

We specialize in high performance electric conversion kits and custom light electric vehicles. These primarily consist of electric hub and and mid drive motors, high output lithium batteries, high end controllers, and unique vehicle platforms. In addition we have sourced a great selection of support components to complement our performance products, all with the highest level of quality in mind.

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