Built on a tubular steel frame, The Core has a cool but friendly look. It’s an electric scooter with a removable 2,0 kWh battery capacity (configurations are possible to obtain 2,2 kWh and even 3,9 kWh for more performance and a range up to 100 km).

A standard 7” multifunctional digital screen equipped with a navigation system (cartographie provided by HERE) guides you to your destiny. The Core is equipped with a 4G communication system and multiple on-line options.

You can access the scooter using a smartphone or a RFID Card. The Core Fleet System allows the drivers to receive real time information from the back-end. Also allows the control by the company of multiple parameters (location, productivity, battery level, incidents…)


The Core is produced in Europe and our assembly plant has a European homologation with the highest quality standards. More than 80% of our scooter’s components are delivered by European suppliers. Our engineering team has a worldwide experience in the electric motorcycles manufacturing.

For companies

THE CORE has been designed specifically for urban traffic and can have a large number of starts and stops in daily work. It has a standard high load capacity which can be extended with extra large cargo-boxes. It can be customized with your own corporate colours and logo. Charging doesn’t require special recharging facilities and batteries are easy removable and replaceable.


Driving and motor

  • Maximum speed: Configurable accordingly to needs from 25 km/h to 90 km/h
  • Equivalent cc: 50 cc or 125 cc
  • Acceleration 0-50 km/h: 7.5 sec.
  • Autonomy range: from 60 km to 100 km (depending on battery, driving style and terrain)
  • Maximum power: 4.1 kW


  • Battery type: Lithium-Ion
  • Battery capacity: 2,0 kWh | 2,2 kWh | 3,9 kWh
  • Battery removable: Yes
  • Battery weight: 2,0 kWh: 14 kg | 2,2 kWh: 16 kg | 3,9 kWh: 26 kg
  • Charger: 400 W external
  • Charging time: 3,5 h: 80% | 5 h: 100%



  • Tubular frame, no plastics
  • Led lights
  • Brakes: Front and rear disc brakes (CBS in 125 cc models)
  • Normative: EURO IV
  • Tyres: 13”

Dimensions and weight

  • Weight: 92.5 Kg
  • Load capacity: 150 Kg including driver
  • Wheelbase: 1,382 mm
  • Height to the seat: 780 mm

About Going Green SL

Going Green was originally founded in 2008 by a group of Spanish executives from various divisions in the energy industry. Our mission is to become a major role player in the Electric Mobility market for consumers, companies and Government(s). More info about Going Green on their dealer ID-page at Electric Motorcycles News >

Or visit directly the website of The Core: http://www.thecorebike.com/

Guy Salens

Guy Salens (motorcycle enthousiast): I want to show the world an overview of existing electric motorcycles and future projects. Because it's time.