Cleveland CycleWerks, a US manufacturer of Motorcycles and (now) E Mobility vehicles, announces the release and pre-order of their first Electric Vehicle. For the moment we only have a blurred image but Cleveland CycleWerks invite you to their Facebook page for more updates in the following weeks:

Cleveland Cyclewerks - #Falconraising | Electric Motorcycles News

Project #FalconRising will fit into several different categories from E-Bicycle to E-Motorcycle. They are addressing several sticking points when it comes to 2 wheeled transport, from range, performance, pricing and other issues that their customer clinics revealed.

Code Name #FalconRising

On 03-20-2020 at 6:30 PM, the festivities start at the Crawford Auto and Aviation Museum, in Cleveland, Ohio. Free food and drinks are provided upon registration. Register at and next week registration officially opens at ClevelandCycleWerks

Cleveland CycleWerks: “In true Cleveland style, we are taking an innovative and differentiated approach in the E vehicle market. Beautiful, affordable motorcycles have been our specialty since inception. Affordable US manufactured E Bikes and E Motorcycles, discover our concept!

The project’s code name Falcon Rising represents our brands rise in the E vehicle space. It also brings a new chapter to our company, looking inward and local to grow globally. We have wanted to produce bikes ourselves, here in Cleveland for 10 years. The time is now, and we are seizing the opportunity.

This vehicle represents 10 years of consumer insight, feedback from loyal customers, and a unique take on the market, that Cleveland has always had.

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