Source: website Tacita | With the T-Cruise Turismo you can start your trip in the morning fully charged to enjoy the sensation of up to 322 km* or 200 miles* of roads riding to discover new places, caressed by the sound of the wind and the engine, thanks to his powerful 27 kWh Li-Po lithium polymer battery technology.

Tacita T-Cruise Turismo | Electric Motorcycles News

While you stop for lunch and share the sensations of the morning riding with your friends, your TACITA T-Cruise Turismo will be fully charged again to continue the road.

“The TACITA T-Cruise Turismo has been designed to enhance the pleasure of travelling alone or with your partner. A beautiful and relaxing machine for cruising but also fast when you want to have fun. With the ability to be recharged on any power outlet or a public charger when needed. We designed the T-Cruise Turismo to travel with pleasure and joy, that simple.” said Pierpaolo Rigo co-founder of TACITA.

Tacita T-Cruise Turismo | Electric Motorcycles News

As all the TACITA 100% electric motorcycles, the T-Cruise Turismo is also equipped with the TACITA five speed gearbox technology. This unique feature reduces the overheating and the electricity consumption of the motor that means more range and a better torque when needed for a peak performance in every situation.

“With the TACITA T-Cruise Turismo, we are addressing the specific needs of a touring motorcycle. With up to 322 km* or 200 miles* range you can cover more than the average a rider normally travel before stopping for lunch, where you can recharge for the afternoon riding. The TACITA T-Cruise Turismo is a great companion to enjoy travelling roads in USA or Europe.” Said Axel Heilenkotter CEO TACITA USA Corp.

The TACITA T-Cruise Turismo 2020 can be configured with 3 different battery pack options: a 27 kWh battery pack for a range up to 322 km* or 200 miles, a 18 kWh battery pack that can make up to 220 km or 137 miles* or a 9 kWh that can make up to 113 km* or 70 miles*, all ranges before entering into Power Reserve mode.

EUROPE : the 2020 TACITA® T-Cruise TURISMO EU version can be configured with four different motor options, 11, 27, 34 and 44 kW power, capable of an instant torque up to 100 Nm on the 44 kW motor for a unique riding experience.

USA : The US version of the 2020 TACITA T-Cruise TURISMO comes with two motor options, 27 kW and the 44 kW, capable of an instant torque up to 74 ft lbs on the 44 kW motor option.

* 27 kWh battery pack: 322 km*/ 200 miles* + Power Reserve
* 18 kWh battery pack: 220 km* / 137 miles* + Power Reserve
* 9 kWh battery pack: 113 km* / 70 miles* +  Power Reserve

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