GB E-Moto (Bergamo, Italy) has been founded by Giorgio Beretta and Giuliano Campagnola in March 2018. Giorgio has gained a lot of experience in the distribution and production of sportswear and sport equipments while Giuliano (a powertrain designer) has experience in the electrification of 2 and 4 wheels vehicles at Eco-Rent. He is also dealer of Oxygen, Movitron, Mia Electrics, Kuberg, Mecatecno and Torrot.

The first contact with Sur Ron dates back to the end of 2016 when Eco-rent started testing a number of Light Bee’s from Sur Ron with the support of off-road driver Edoardo Paganoni. Several other professional off-road drivers with experience in the KTM team were also test drivers and after a positive reaction to the test, the EU certification process was started up to begin with the distribution of Sur-Ron. Immediately thereafter, it was decided to develop special parts to personalize the Light Bee.

Electric Motorcycles News - Sur Ron Italia -

In addition to this project, a private project was also developed for a special scooter (based on the experience of an oxygen cargoscooter) intended for the delivery of food products weighing more than 150 kilograms plus a driver of 85 kilograms (there is already a real working prototype of this vehicle, realized in collaboration with the ex Guzzi-Piaggio framework designer Giuseppe Ghezzi).

Sur Ron Italia Competizione concept

The Light Bee Italia Competizione concept is a bike realized by GB E-Moto to update the performance of the Light Bee in direction to a 125 cc equivalent. For this goal GB E-Moto decided to realize a larger dedicated CNC Swing Arm realized in Italy with higher dimension 18 inch traction wheel completed by external plate connected between the frame and the footpegs.

Electric Motorcycles News - Sur Ron Italia Electric Motorcycles News - Sur Ron Italia

GB E-Moto: “We replaced also the front wheel with a 21 inch wheel version but during the tests, the original 19 inch was working outstanding! We have the intention to use two brake rotors in the next step now. And we are also preparing a different fork to install a different steering bar.”

Other modification includes a dedicated modification of the seat frame and a longer seat that permit to adapt the physical dimensions of the Light bee to higher size drivers completed by a carbon fiber dedicated mudguard.

About the powertrain: the bike fits a very huge controller able to push the motor until more than 10 peak Kw and we are testing a dedicated software and some bms modifications. We are exploring the ways for a new controller that can be used on this bike and another able to work with a 72 volts recombinated battery with different cells (we are testing LG). By now the bike was tested with the original battery.

The purpose of this bike is to have a work laboratory for the development of special special parts for the Light Bee, realized with GB parts intended for end customers.

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