Endurofun Belgium organizes various off-road motorcycle courses, road trips, travel tours and specific training courses. If you ever want to get acquainted with off-road motorsport such as motorcycling, enduro or just enjoy off-road riding with a large all-round motorcycle, Endurofun has it all.

Sur-Ron-center | Endurofun België | THE PACK | Electric Motorcycles News
Sur-Ron-center | Endurofun België | THE PACK | Electric Motorcycles News

But the electric bug has also affected this organization (sorry, a bit of the wrong choice of words in these weard times) by means of the Sur-Ron Firefly, the first model to be series-produced by SUR-RON since 2016. This electric off-road combines the simple handling of a bicycle with the rebellious power of an off-road motorcycle. The Sur-Ron is a very reliable vehicle and its size and weight make this model very easy to handle. Ideal for young and old, partly due to its homologation as a moped on public roads (a classic 50 cc). In the new Sur-Ron-Center in Geetbets (Belgium) you can go for:

  • Test drives (both on and off road)
  • Training (E-enduro course)
  • Small group tours
  • Friends trips at the country
  • Shop Sur-Ron bikes and accessories
  • Stock of all parts

Bart, owner Sur-Ron-Center: “We ride and provide training courses with the cheapest Sur-Ron Firefly model (homologated version). During these test rides we ride 40-45km (loops) to end with a 20-25% battery left-over. During the courses and rides we always provide a stopover to then recharge (35% per hour – 600W charger) so we can always do some hilly roads.”

Sur-Ron-center | Endurofun België | THE PACK | Electric Motorcycles News
Sur-Ron-center | Endurofun België | THE PACK | Electric Motorcycles News

Boost your Sur-Ron!

The Sur-Ron has a standard power of 2000–2800 or 3000W. With the BAC controllers of the Sur-Ron Center you can reach 20500W power!

Sur-Ron-center | Endurofun België | THE PACK | Electric Motorcycles News

Opt for a BAC 4000 or a BAC 8000?

Bart, owner Sur-Ron-Center: “The BAC 8000 is for the purists who like high performance & who want to give full throttle. In other words, if you are the sporty crosser who can be found on the cross terrain every week, who want to open the throttle at full load for 30 minutes, then you will be better off with the BAC 8000 in combination with the 72v battery, because this controller handles more heat. If you are an amateur rider who occasionally rides offroad, then a BAC4000 will suffice.”

Do pay attention! This is for off-road use only, your homologation will expire! You are not allowed on public roads with this controller!

More info at Sur-Ron-Center:

All pictures credit Sur-Ron-Center

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