THE PACK – Electric Motorcycles News had a little chat with Vanessa Ruck aka “The Girl On A Bike”. We discovered that she has tested the Super Soco TC Max. So, we got on our knees and asked her very polite if we could mention here at THE PACK. She said … yes. So, you’ll find here the 2 videos (“Living with the Super Soco” and “Technical Super Soco TC Max”) and of course a link to the full article on her website.

The Girl On A Bike: “They say you should never underestimate small packages and that’s exactly where the Super Soco TC Max fits. It might be the equivalent of a 125 cc combustion motorcycle and a mere 100kg in curb weight, but don’t be thinking this bike is anything but mighty!

The girl on a bike - super soco TC Max - THE PACK - Electric Motorcycles News

After a week living with the Super Soco TC Max I can say it was a sad day when it left. Within five minutes of pulling away I knew this was a bike that makes smiles. If you’re looking for an insanely economical commuter, small around town run about OR a motorcycle suitable for just a CBT licence then this is a very strong contender. Here’s why I highly rate the Super Soco TC Max.”

You can read the full article at her website:

Videos part 1 & part 2

About The Girl On A Bike

Born and raised in England. she is a go-getter, a chase-your-dreams kind of girl. She grew up in the great outdoors, getting muddy and messing around keeping fit with horses and quad-bikes and always up to mischief. At 18 she flew the nest to find her place in the world, university, first job. Life took a turn in 2014 when she was hit by a red light jumping car, and since that day she has made it her goal to make the most out of life, and to also help others do the same.

The girl on a bike - super soco TC Max - THE PACK - Electric Motorcycles News

Her escapism has always been through sports, whether that’s kite surfing, snowboarding or mountain biking, it’s always been about getting physical, but the accident changed that and motorbikes came into her world. They’ve swiftly become her favourite form of adventure; the open road, the power, the ability to simply disappear into the unknown and travel the world.

She started The Girl On A Bike when bed bound after her 3rd surgery following the accident, the first on her hip, and decided that she needed something positive to channel her energy into. Since this day she has continued to share her journey with you, but not just the happy days you expect on social media. She has also tried hard to be real, showing the down days, the days you have to find all your inner strength to even just get out of bed.

Vanessa: “Ultimately, life is short, so it’s so important we don’t waste time or let life just slop through our fingers. Even with injuries and full-time jobs, we have so much to be grateful for and can do so much with our precious existence.”

Extra bonus:

The Girl On A Bike: “When old gen meets new gen! This was one of the most magical afternoons in the garden I’ve ever had. Over the years we’ve brought home a range of bikes but never before has EVERYONE had a go. There’s something about the Super Soco TC Max electric offering that just inspires confidence. Simplistic controls with no clutch or gears, no foot controls or hot pipes and engine to burn you. A super low 770mm saddle high and mere 100kg weight…Just a simple twist and go, bicycle-style dual breaks, and the lack of sound. It makes for a really easy, completely un-intimidating bundle of fun!

The girl on a bike - super soco TC Max - THE PACK - Electric Motorcycles News

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