Silence ended the first half of 2019 as the leader in registrations at a national level ahead of Tesla and Nissan. The electric scooter and battery manufacturer based in Barcelona, attained 1,944 registrations, thus becoming the electric vehicle -in any category- with the most registrations in Spain in the first half of 2019. These figures once again make Silence the leading electric brand. On this occasion, it closed the first half of the year ahead of Tesla (1,221 units registered) and Nissan (1,458).

Silence Eco Europe | Electric Motorcycles News

The electric scooter and battery manufacturer Silence tops the rankings for registrations in Spain, followed by Tesla and Nissan.

“Silence” on two wheels floods the cities
This is not the first time that Silence has led the registrations ranking. In fact, the S02 model, devoted to fleets and public parks, is the reason behind this success.

Silence Eco Europe | Electric Motorcycles News
S02 electric scooter

Vehicle sharing operators such as Mobility (Switzerland) and police fleets such as those of Madrid, are just some examples of the commitment that both private companies and the administration have made to Silence and its technology.

Silence Eco Europe | Electric Motorcycles News

The brand is moving towards Europe after achieving success -at a B2B level- in its country of origin.

The European leap
After the success achieved in Spain, Silence is moving towards Europe. The objective of the company -which closed 2018 with a turnover of €14 million, a figure that is expected to double at the end of the current year- is to reach any country working alongside a great distributor with a firm commitment to electric mobility.
The main objective of the distributor chosen will be to begin business and lead – just as it has already happened in Spain- the two-wheel electric market.

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Carlos Sotelo | Founder and CEO

According to Carlos Sotelo, founder and CEO of the company: “As a leading brand, we just want to start in these new territories by working with the best. For 2019, Silence’s main goals are Europe and the launch of our first model S01 for private use.”

Silence Eco Europe | Electric Motorcycles News
S01 electric scooter

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