However Saietta no longer manufactures/offers electric motorcycles, we wanted to show you this daring iconic design that turns heads and sparks conversations. Saietta is now a manufacturer and supplier of Lynch electric motors.

Where other electric motorcycles use conventional architecture, with parts or systems procured from external suppliers and then assembled, we design from a clean sheet of paper and build from the ground up, harnessing leading-edge technologies and materials from F1 and aerospace to create electric bikes that truly break the mould.

We believe that electric should not mean compromise, which is why our motorcycles are designed first and foremost for the rider. Built to deliver incredible acceleration, ultimate control and superlative handling in a head-turning body package, Saietta Motorcycles provide maximum excitement and enjoyment while using energy efficiently benefiting the environment.

Superfast, hugely powerful, electrifying, rule-defying: Saietta means ‘thunderbolt’ in the Italian dialect of our Co-Founder Lawrence Marrazzi and our bikes truly embody the spirit of our name.

Saietta courtesy Jim Johnson

Saietta courtesy Jim Johnson


Our vision is to make electric vehicles exciting, empowering and radically effective. Our aim is to deliver a truly viable, zero emission alternative to the conventional premium motorcycle.

We do this by applying a fresh approach to design and technology applications. Everything we do converts function into utility and emotion: the way our products look are directly related to what you can do with them and how this interaction will make you feel. Put simply, our bikes look different because they are different – but the real difference is in the ride.


At Saietta Motorcycles, design and engineering have a symbiotic relationship: the one entirely influences the other. From the start, we understood that completely different energy systems require a completely different vehicle architecture: it’s anything but a case of putting an electric motor into a conventional bike and making a few tweaks. 

We set out to develop a highly advanced vehicle that rips up the rulebook, in both performance and design. So we began with a clean sheet of paper, considering first what makes a great motorcycle, not what makes a great electric motorcycle. Only then did we look at how, by using electric technology, we could make it better. We then designed it, unconstrained by conventional thinking, with the intention of both improving the rider experience and creating something highly desirable and iconic.

We sourced and evolved the best technology and materials from F1 and aerospace and combined this with our world-leading expertise in vehicle architecture and electric motors. 8 prototypes later, Saietta R was born, delivering technological firsts across the bike and establishing Saietta’s signature head-turning design.

2016 will see us take Saietta R to the next level, with a new generation of production road motorcycles. Codenamed NGS (Next Generation Saietta), the new bike will build on the combination of performance, presence and personalisation that makes Saietta so unique.

Source & pictures: Saietta Motorcycles

Guy Salens

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