Barcelona, the city where modern design meets Gaudi. Trendy bars, delicious food-markets and football … Here, in this climate of art and sun, the team of Rocsie has developed the ROCSIE Electric cafe-racer. Inspired from the classic 50’s motorcycles, Rocsie build an electric motorbike, or should we say an electric bike?

This striking appearance has an elegant design and uses some various, surprising materials: wood, leather and metal. The use of plastic is almost reduced to zero or minimized as much as possible.
This final prototype is the result of an evolution process, sleepless nights, discussions and aqua (yeah right …).

Design & handcrafted local in Barcelona

Driving this motorbike (let’s call it like that) is a statement and will give a point of reference in your lifestyle. With a minimalistic design (less is more), the team delivered an electric motorbike, which is completely different to the existing ones in that market.

Rocsie: “Our mission is to get back the old way of local handcrafting to make durable things, focussing on high quality and details, while creating new jobs in the region. We believe in producing quality products while taking care of our planet, our workers and of course future generations.”

Rocsie is now ready for the next step and is planning a crowdfunding campaign end of January 2018. Electric Motorcycles News will give you an update when this campaign goes online. We already know that there are going to be some nice rewards, merchandising and reduced prices (50% off final retail price), so check it out soon! Besides the standard version of the electric cafe racer wood bike you can also compose a tailor-made Rocsie with some components. You can even choose your preferable wood frame colour.

Custom components:

  • Brakes, handles & handlebars
  • Front lights
  • Tires & brakes
  • Battery & wood frame
  • Handcrafted leather color sewing seat with back lights
  • Power engine
  • Metal footpegs

Wood frame colours:

  • Vintage
  • Pop
  • Classic
  • Contemporary

And what about the price?

Every unique bike or motorbike has it’s price. This handcrafted electric cafe racer wood bike has an estimated retail price starting from € 4.500,- (Rocsie SE) passing through different variations & components till € 8.000,-. Early adopters can save money (up to 50% off) with a special crowdfunding campaign price starting from € 2.250,- (for the Rocsie SE – limited stock).

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Guy Salens

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