Source: Press release | website | Regent Motorcycles was started in December 2018 by Jonathan Åström. His mission was to build an electric motorcycle in a vintage costume with the latest technology the market could offer. During the Swedish MC Mässan, Stockholm 2019, the Regent NO.1 concept prototype was shown for the first time and the market gave a good response. The 10th of May 2019, the final design was being shown up. The Regent Motorcycle NO.1 is reaching the market during May 2020.

Regent Motorcycles No 1 | Electric Motorcycles News

Style is hard to define but you recognise it instantly when you see it. Regent Motorcycles sets out to create a bike drawing on the best bike designs from the 60’s and 70’s. An era which, you simply have to agree, was the pinnacle of bike design. The retro cafe racer that is Regent No.1 is, IOHO, style defined.

Regent Motorcycles No 1 | Electric Motorcycles News
Regent Motorcycles No 1 | Electric Motorcycles News

But do feel free to do your own thing and custom your Regent into a true head-turning two-wheeled icon flying your own colours. Speaking of colours, get your Regent in four hand-picked shades ranging from ”simply stunning” to ”damn, girl”.

Regent Motorcycles: “Yes, it’s an electric motorcycle and we don’t need to tell you what comes along with that with regards to sustainability, a clean conscience, easy charging, and absolutely, positively zero maintenance. So if you’re hard into leaking fluids, clogged filters and planet-destroying, look elsewhere.”

Regent Motorcycles No 1 | Electric Motorcycles News

Let’s instead talk about the riding experience. Well, hop on, push a button, ride. As simple as that. Then you’re off to wherever and whatever thanks to one moving part delivering killer torque and smooth acceleration in total silence from the get-go.

  • Range: 150 km
  • Battery: 72V – 80Ah
  • Power: 11–20 hp
  • Top speed 120 km/h,
  • Dry weight: 130 kg,
  • Steel chassis
  • Telescope Forks
  • Dual Shocks
  • Disc brakes with ABS
  • 18′′ spoke wheels
  • LED lights
  • Alarm (GPS pos.)
  • Maintenance-free hub motor
  • Accident alarm from Detecht
  • Digital Touch Infotainment
  • Regenerating brakes
  • Active Safety System
  • Built in GPS
Regent Motorcycles No 1 | Electric Motorcycles News
Regent Motorcycles No 1 | Electric Motorcycles News

Do you wanna come along for the ride?
Regent Motorcycles is looking for investors to help them to speed up their production and reach out with their electric biking gospel. Investments at and above €100k will be considered. Please contact CEO Jonathan Åström at +46 70 827 85 50 or

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