Source: press release Qooder | Demonstrating its growing popularity and technological standing, Qooder has been awarded a top ‘excellence’ honour in the recent Le Fonti Awards 2019.

eQooder | Electric Motorcycles News

The company, which builds unique four-wheeled scooters, was given the ‘Excellence of the Year in Innovative Mobility’ award. Among the reasons for the accolade was that Qooder was a company committed to leading the revolution in mobility trends with safe, fun and cutting-edge technology.

“It is an honour for us to have received this award because it is an acknowledgement of the hard work we are doing for the future,” says Paolo Gagliardo, CEO, Qooder.

eQooder | Electric Motorcycles News

“Our tomorrow is built on the determination of the people who want to achieve seemingly impossible things. And this is precisely what is happening in the world of mobility with many players starting to offer vehicles that are so new they defy traditional classifications.

“Electric kick scooters, monowheels, folding micro vehicles or Qooder, an electric four-wheeled scooter that leans into corners like a motorcycle. This is the new age of mobility.”

The Scientific Committee of Le Fonti, formed by a panel of experts with backgrounds in academic, financial, business and legal fields, rated Qooder as “best in class” in several respects, including: innovation, leadership, strategic development and sustainability.

Switzerland-based Qooder will begin selling its vehicles in the UK during 2020, starting at just £4,270 for the two-wheeled Oxygen, and just £10,200 for the flagship QOODER model.

Qooder recently announced its entrance into the US, ASIA and UAE markets with its vehicles, capable of attracting a sophisticated and at the same time innovative public.

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