Source: website Qooder | Qooder is the first and only vehicle in the world with 4 tilting wheels, for an incredibly new and different driving experience. It combines the stability of a car with the thrill of a motor bike, giving life to a new category, unique of its kind. It offers safe and intuitive driving and combines the pure pleasure of driving with a maximum level of comfort.

The E-Qooder version is coming in 2019


Thanks to the revolutionary double hydro-pneumatic system (Hydraulic Tilting SystemTM), Qooder re-writes the rules on mobility. The 4 wheels tilt simultaneously, following every curve of the road and always maintaining its grip on it. The ride on Qooder is agile and fun, as with any two-wheeled vehicle. Qooder adapts perfectly to the most difficult road surfaces and manoeuvres in full safety, both on city and country roads.

Electric Motorcycles News - Qooder


When at the controls of the new Qooder, moving about safely comes naturally. The drive is fluid, precise and extraordinarily stable. The wheels remain firmly in contact with the road, even when it is wet and over bumps and holes. Whether at a stop or moving, Qooder is always in balance without the use of feet on the ground and, thanks to its low centre of gravity, is extremely light in all manoeuvres. The more you drive it, the more you will wish to.

Electric Motorcycles News - Qooder


The new Qooder is an ideal companion in adventure for all; for the person becoming mobile for the first time and for expert drivers. You just need an ordinary car driver’s licence to drive it.


HTS Hydraulic Tilting System™

True innovations allow us to do things we never thought we could. HTS, the worldwide patented Hydraulic Tilting System™, is just such a revolutionary technology. Technically speaking it’s the very first time all four wheels of a vehicle tilt simultaneously. But the real paradigm shift is in the driving experience. The sense of individual freedom when riding a bike combines with the stability of a car, a high level of safety goes hand in hand with pure driving pleasure, both on road and off-road, and even in unkind weather and road conditions. With HTS you can have it all.

About Quadro Vehicles SA

Founded in 2010, Quadro Vehicles is headquartered in Vacallo, Switzerland. The company develops compact three and four-wheel vehicles for contemporary urban mobility. All vehicles are equipped with the worldwide patented HTS Hydraulic Tilting System™, a unique all-wheel leaning technology.

With its four-wheel model Qooder the company created a completely new category of vehicle combining the stability of cars with the zest of motorbikes. Thanks to their unique technology and design the vehicles offer an unmatched level of safety, comfort and fun.

The products are engineered in Switzerland, manufactured in Taiwan and currently distributed in more than 20 countries mainly in Europe. In 2017 Quadro Vehicles introduced a concept three-wheel vehicle branded Nuvion, a joint venture with SanYang Motors (SYM), one of the world’s leading motorcycle manufacturers.

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