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EMN also offers the possibility for brands and suppliers to publish (paid) additional stories at EMN. These articles have the same design and layout and rotate between the normal news items. There is just one difference: we want to be transparent and these articles have a “sponsored content”-label. We think that’s fair to the users of our website. They still can decide to read it or not.

When you order this product, we’ll contact you per email to discuss your article. Pictures and texts can always be sent to hello@electricmotorcycles.news

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What’s the deal?

  • 1 blogpost written by EMN based upon your briefing
  • 1 share of this post to our social media accounts (Facebook  – LinkedIn – Flipbook)
  • 1 image share to our Instagram account
  • 1 link to your website
  • Visibility on our homepage (latest news overview)
  • Sharebuttons / post

What’s the advantage of sponsored content?

  • It’s no flashing ad or banner, but real content
  • Ad blockers have no control over this
  • Post stays on the website for a very long period (no broken links)
  • This content is relevant for your target audience
  • Publishing is possible on a specific date