Pohlbock GmbH & Co. KG is a young German vehicle manufacturing company from the southern Black Forest that manufactures electric motorcross motorcycles.

Pohlbock Germany Motorcrosser eBock | Electric Motorcycles News

The two founders of Pohlbock have been involved with two-wheelers since their childhood. The founders are Florian Bockstaller mechanical engineer from Brenden and Romano Pohl industrial mechanic from Berau. Driven by their own will and the issues of the current climate change, the Pohlbock company has succeeded in building a nice electric motocross motorcycle.

Romano: “At the moment we have developed a new engine which is the Sepaa21. Sales start in February 2020, and we have also finished the prototype of our eBock.”

Pohlbock Germany Motorcrosser eBock | Electric Motorcycles News

eBock available in March 2020

The eBock is an electrically driven motorcross motorcycle, equipped with the latest high-end components from electrical engineering and racing technology. The patented 36V quick-change battery system in conjunction with the highly efficient and high-performance synchronous motor enables permanent, all-sensory motocross use in the performance range of a conventional 250cc machine.

Thanks to the completely dry, stepless, quiet and high-torque drive, the previous limits of what is feasible can be expanded. Maintenance work such as oil, filter and piston changes are a thing of the past. The electric drive train is maintenance-free for 350 hours.

Pohlbock Germany Motorcrosser eBock | Electric Motorcycles News

The rear brake is a wear-free, pure recovery brake and can be operated either with the left hand or the right foot at the customer’s request. When braking with the foot, the left hand can optionally be electrically coupled.
Up to 8 mappings can be selected using a mapping switch. With the various mappings, not only the power delivery, but also the engine brake can be switched on or off in the desired strength.

eBock gives you a new motorcross experience with all your senses

The capacity of the battery is enough for a good amateur rider for 30 min motocross use. With the standard charger, the battery can be fully charged in 1 hour. Optionally, a quick charger can be purchased, which enables the battery to be recharged to 100% in 30 minutes. The battery can be charged more than 1000 times without loss of capacity, even if the quick charger is used continuously.

Pohlbock Germany Motorcrosser eBock | Electric Motorcycles News

Its centric mass concentration gives the eBock a perfect center of gravity, making it easy to control and move, whether in the air or on the ground.

After driving, the eBock can be cleaned with the steam jet as usual. Even when driving, water and mud is not a problem. All components from a wide variety of technical disciplines are matched for an incomparable interaction and can be customized.

Pohlbock Germany Motorcrosser eBock | Electric Motorcycles News

Florian: “We want to put a smile on everyone’s face with our motorcycles, whether beginner or professional, and convince them that the future of sport lies in the electrically powered motocross motorcycle. This can create new training or competition grounds or bring old ones back to life so that the sport stays alive and does not disappear quietly from the scene.

The complete motorcycle with charger, battery and all the fun stuff costs 14000 €, sales will start in March 2020.

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