We already mentioned the Onebot T8 from Shenzhen Concepts Wit Technology Co., LTD (SZ CWT), a high-tech manufacturer and developer of new energy vehicles. Today Onebot launched 2 luggage suitcase scooters: the L1 (a normal kick scooter) and the L2 (an electric scooter).

OK, I know … it’s not an electric motorcycle but I would like to demonstrate that more and more different applications can be developed with electric vehicles. And that’s something I encourage …

This extended feature on both models is a nice idea and will be appreciated by business travellers, commuters, students and shopping people. It’s a multi-functional vehicle, easy foldable and made of quality materials. The L2 has even a patented design for the use of military-industrial material for absolute safety. By pressing just one button you turn it into a trolley case or a scooter. You have free control of the height at any time with the one-button length adjustment system.

L2 details

Anodizing technology
The handle bar of the scooter case has been processed with the special anodizing technology. It is painted by infiltrating colors into the metal part, so its colors will never fade even when used for tens of thousands of times.

Imported PU cast wheels
The front and back wheels are all imported PU cast ones, which are soundless, wear -resisting, smooth and steady.

Free change of direction at 120°
Patended technology of changing direction at 120°. The steering pedal tilting unit can skillfully avoid the centrifugal force of turning, making the operation more stable.

Double brakes
It is equipped with a pedal brake and an electric brake, ensuring the safety of driving.

Brushless motor
The electric scooter case is specially equipped with an extremely powerful soundless brushless motor, providing safer, steadier, quieter and faster driving experience.

Onebot L1

Onebot L2

Contact person:

Quella Way
Email: Quella@onebotbike.com
Web: http://www.onebotbike.com
Source & pictures: Onebot


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