The OjO Commuter Scooter was developed at the headquarters in Santa Monica, California. Built for the bike lane, the OjO offers a unique combination of style and performance for a fun, safe and clean transportation solution.

Every inch of the OjO has been meticulously designed with long-lasting quality and stability in mind. The OjO comes with several patented features including a highly-innovative onboard charger that utilizes a retractable cord and plug for easy charging wherever there’s a 110v outlet. The patented and powerful HyperGear hub motor propels this smart scooter to bike lane-legal top speeds of 20MPH. In addition, OjO has a best in breed 48-volt lithium ion battery that allows it to go 25 miles on a full charge.

Music is an important part of the riding experience we set out to create. That is why the technicians made it possible to listen to your favorite tunes through OjO’s dual integrated high fidelity waterproof Bluetooth speakers. An intuitive non-glare digital LCD dashboard with a heat sensitive touch screen allows you to control your Scooter with the touch of a button while voice commands offer insights along the way. For riding at night, the OjO has attractive and effective LED front and rear lights to ensure you see clearly at night and that others easily see you as well.

Security is important to OJO so they went above and beyond with a motion-activated alarm that’s key fob activated. The OjO also has a one of a kind seat that will get you home in cushy comfort but can also be fully removed, turning this geometrically designed masterpiece into an amazing stand and ride scooter.

Wing shape body and aluminium frame
The OjO’s ergonomic patented design maximizes comfort, security and agility. The fully welded lightweight aluminum frame and durable integrated ABS automotive grade plastic fairings create a combination of strength and beauty. The result is a strong and secure luxurious mode of electric transportation.

Treaded riding deck and removable seat
The OjO is built for both sitting and standing while riding. The treaded, non-slip deck and specially designed adjustable seat provide for unique ease of use in any position. There is a convenient, optional rear storage accessory available.

High performance
The OjO can reach speeds of up to 20 MPH, the maximum for bicycle lanes. The custom-made 500 Watt gear hub motor was specifically designed for long lasting durability and optimal power.

All OJO components are waterproof
The all-weather tires provide maximum grip for turning and have protective mud flaps to maintain peak performance. The front and rear disc brakes provide a safe, quick and controlled stop.

Bluetooth-enabled sound system and front/rear led lighting
A high-quality integrated speaker system is another unique feature of the OjO. Bluetooth can be enabled while riding and turned off at any time. For lighting, front and rear LED lights maximize a rider’s night vision for themselves and those around them.

Digital dashboard with smart technology
A special capacitive, non-glare touchscreen allows the rider to choose from three speed modes, review current and historical distance information and control lighting & sound.

Electric battery with onboard charging system
OjO’s battery system has 25 miles of energy at a rider’s disposal. With a patented onboard charger, riders can utilize a retractable cord for plugging into any standard 110 Volt outlet in between rides. The battery is also removable and portable, providing additional flexibility for owners.

Wireless key and motion activated alarm system
OjO users have a secure key FOB for initiating rides, locating their scooter and turning on and off the security system. The motion activated system cannot be disabled and can be used to deter unwanted attention when powered down in LOCKED mode.

For business
Whatever the size of your fleet, the OjO can further maximize the visibility, efficiency and environmental impact of your business:

  • Hotels
  • Delivery Service
  • Commercial and Residential Properties
  • Corporate Campuses
  • College Campuses
  • Events
  • Stadiums and Arenas
  • Studio Lots

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