Source: website ENVECOTRICITY | David Schoone (23 years) studied mechanical engineering with focus on research and development at the JADE HOCHSCHULE (UAS) in Wilhelmshaven, Germany. He expanded his studies with lectures on CAD design and automotive technology and is now currently working on his certification as international welding engineer (IWE). In his free-time he trained himself also in NC-production, automotive technology and 3D-printing. Meanwhile, this young entrepreneur has launched his own startup company ENVECOTRICITY.

David: “Being grown up with mechanical work on motorcycles and cars as well as with close connection to nature and the awareness of the importance of intact ecosystems, I try to combine both of these worlds with ENVECOTRICITY. Transferring the fascination for engineering, performance and speed to extremely efficient and ecofriendly vehicle concepts that offer a real alternative to the existing products of the established manufacturers is my primary motivation for this project.”

NTRX Enduro prototype | THE PACK | Eletcric Motorcycles News

NTRX electric enduro

THE PACK received some pictures from the first prototype of the NTRX electric enduro, developed by David. “I am working on an updated version of the motorcycle powered by an innovative water cooled hub motor with continuous power and torque 35 kW and 550 Nm that I engineered myself. The first prototype of the updated version is already under construction and will also feature a larger 5.2kWh battery (up to 7 kWh are possible with this frame), massively improved ergonomics along with state of the art suspension components, an increased top speed and reduced weight of ~105kg.”, continues David.

NTRX Enduro prototype | THE PACK | Eletcric Motorcycles News

The construction fundamentals

The NTRX is equipped with a modular battery box, that can hold up to three of the universal ENVECOTRICITY battery modules to offer a range of up to 120 km under normal road use. For the drivetrain a direct drive in the rear wheel was selected. Although the NTRX thereby looses a part of its hard enduro and heavy motocross capabilities, this drive concept combines a variety of undeniable advantages for the majority of users:

  • Almost no maintenance of the entire vehicle due to a minimum of wearing parts
  • Maximum efficiency through the lack of an energy consuming chain drive
  • Minimum noise emission and lubricant use for a responsible use in every environment

The daily usability of the NTRX is along with its impressive range improved by the possibility to mount the 1.8 kW charger with just two bolts right under the seat to optimise the enduro for even longer travels. Further more the motorcycle can be adapted to short range use by mounting only one battery pack in order to reduce weight and maximise efficiency. For offroad use the lights and indicators can be removed easily as well.

NTRX Enduro prototype | THE PACK | Eletcric Motorcycles News

Riding properties

Thanks to different ride modes, the rider can choose between breathtaking power and relaxed cruising with the power delivery being precisely controllable at any time. Along with mechanical brakes the NTRX is equipped with an electromagnetic braking function at the rear wheel that offers manually controlled regenerative braking. Offroad wise the bike shows simple handling and amazing agility due to its upright steering angle, the high seating position and the well balanced centre of gravity combined with the low total mass.

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