Source: website Nimbus | Nimbus vehicles are classified as motorcycles. Because of the three wheels and safety features, these vehicles can be driven with a standard driver’s license and without a helmet in most places. This vehicle is controlled with a steering wheel and brake and accelerator pedals, just like a car.

Nimbus vehicles - THE PACK - Electric Motorcycles News

It has also the safety features of a car – a high-strength steel and aluminum structure, 3 airbags, and intelligent sensors to help you avoid accidents. The Nimbus Balance system makes our vehicle as easy to drive as a car. Plus, you’ll be comfortable in the enclosed cabin if the weather turns bad.

Nimbus vehicles - THE PACK - Electric Motorcycles News

At 32″ or 81cm wide, Nimbus is less than half the width of a Smart car. That means you can manoeuvre through traffic much faster and park anywhere a motorcycle can. If you already have a car and a parking space for it, you can most likely fit it in the same space. Insurance costs are also typically lower.

The Nimbus team is planning to have their vehicles available for rent and purchase starting in mid to late 2022, depending on the region. The locations where they will launch first will depend on customer demand, based on the number of reservations.

Nimbus vehicles - THE PACK - Electric Motorcycles News

Nimbus Balance

Nimbus Balance is a proprietary technology that allows this narrow vehicle to maintain its stability. The vehicle is driven with a steering wheel just like a car but the vehicle maintains its balance by leaning into turns. The system naturally returns the vehicle to an upright angle and is aided by sensors and actuators. There is always a direct mechanical connection between the steering wheel and the steering action of the vehicle so it’s fail-proof like the steering system in a car.

Nimbus vehicles - THE PACK - Electric Motorcycles News

Besides Nimbus Balance, which allows any car driver to easily operate this vehicle, you have frontal and two curtain airbags, an Advanced Driver Assist System (ADAS) that provides Automated Emergency Braking and Lane Departure Warning, ABS, traction control, combined braking, and a high-strength steel and aluminum alloy structure with a frontal crumple zone. Nimbus will be providing over-the-air updates which will improve the vehicle safety over time. Many of the ADAS sensors are also designed to be modular so that the vehicle is future-proof.

Nimbus vehicles - THE PACK - Electric Motorcycles News

Nimbus vehicles lean into corners, which provides an exhilarating sensation not unlike when you first learned how to ride a bike. Shortly after driving it, it will feel completely natural and intuitive.

Every Nimbus comes with an onboard charger that allows you to charge the vehicle fully overnight with a household outlet. There is also an onboard 7kW charger that allows the Halo to be charged in under 2 hours. Charging using level 3 chargers can be done in 45 minutes. Nimbus will also place chargers at their Nimbus Zones in selected cities.

Nimbus vehicles - THE PACK - Electric Motorcycles News
Nimbus Team

Nimbus Halo specs*

  • Top Speed: 50mph (80km/h)
  • Acceleration: 0-30mph (0-48km/h) in 2.9s (performance upgrade)
  • Efficiency: 370MPGe city estimated
  • Structure: High-strength steel and aluminum alloys with thermoplastic shell
  • Curb Weight: 290-315kg
  • Range: 78 miles (126km) city – 119 miles (191km) city (long range)
  • Length: 91″ (2.3m)
  • Width: 32″ (0.81m)
  • Seating: 2
  • Battery: 8.1 kWh, 12.4 kWh (long range)
  • Charge Time: (0-95%)
  • 5.4 hours household / 1.2 hour Level 2 / 45 min Level 3
  • 8.3 hours household / 1.8 hour Level 2 / 45 min Level 3 (long range)
  • Climate Control: Heating, A/C optional
  • Infotainment: Bluetooth speakers, touchscreen optional
  • Safety: Driver’s frontal airbag, ADAS
  • Traction: ABS and traction control
  • Vehicle intelligence: Nimbus Balance TM, Automated Emergency Braking, Lane Departure Warning, automated parking, over-the-air updates

* Anticipated

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