Electric Motorcycles News had the chance to talk to Lavelle Bikes. They just returned from EUROBIKE, the world’s leading bike fair in Friedrichshafen (Germany) where the team has presented their new e-bike. A bit tired but very satisfied, they have been catching a lot of attention with their new stylish e-bike.

Lavelle Bikes: “You must know that we are a bunch of outsiders to the bike industry. The whole team moved from an independent design, engineering and technology company providing specialised products and equipment to the subsea sector of the offshore and marine environments. So, that was a completely different sector! Designing and cycling are our hobbies and 2 years ago we decided to start this project.”

Lavelle Bikes designed this e-bike from the ground up. Because they were not influenced by the bicycle market (they don’t see themselves like regular bicycle people), they could starting the design from scratch. “Regular” was not a word in their dictionary … The team has their own design and engineering capability: 3d design, finite element analysis, automation and manufacturing experience, coming from building their own machines to deal with ROVs at 3000 Mts deep in the ocean.

Guy Salens (EMN): “As a designer myself I love the “less-is-more-principle” and this e-bike is the perfect example. It all breathes hi-tech in a mysterious way …”

Lavelle Bikes: “Yes, our obsession was not to make a new bike but an extraordinary bike. Ergonomically designed to be kind to spine, neck and wrists. Your position creates a low centre of gravity for stability and allows feet on the ground whilst seated. You command the road with a safer rider view. Even better … no more padded cycle shorts!”

The Lavelle Bike is build on a super strong light weight carbon frame with a seamlessly integrated long-lasting 500w battery built into it. You don’t have to think about switching gears, just get on and ride. You will always be in the right gear whether at the lights or on the hills with the automatic gearbox.

Terrain sensitive route planning optimises your maximum range. Turn-by-turn navigation on all your mobile devices. The bike uses bicycle-friendly mapping data.

Lavelle Bikes: “We have a built in GPS with permanent GSM connection. An alarm is sent to your phone/apple watch when the bike is moved. It locates your bike at any time with the app. Your ride is logged in the cloud for later review on your own portal. All your workouts can be seen in detail online so that fitness can be driven with real data.”


Oscar Espinar, Designer: “Fundamental to our concept is that you have the freedom to configure the model you want. With our interactive configurator on our website, you compose your own e-bike: colour frame, motor (pedelec or s-pedelec), tires, kind of brakes, saddle etc.”

Configurator >


  • Carbon monocoque frame, fork and handlebar in 3k UK made in F1 carbon factory
  • Fully customizable paint or tint color upon order no extra cost
  • Every bike is configured by customer using our range of components
  • Single side fork to reduce weight which allows easy front wheel disassembly , no need to setup the brake every time as it stays on the fork in place
  • Brose motor 250 w and integrated detachable battery 500wh 36v
  • Belt drive system from Gates carbon up to 4 times longer life than regular chain and grease free
  • Ergonomic design which allows comfortable ride with no back, neck or wrist pain
  • One size frame which allows from 1,60 to 1,90 Mts
  • Anti theft system with GPS tracker, alarm on mobile based on accelerometer, and permanent GSM data link which tells you your bike location at all times.
  • Route planning on your mobile with dynamic range based upon battery status and navigation on your phone and smartwatch IOS and Android compatible.
  • Automatic logging system of rider performance (power, cadence, torque, heart rate, etc) matched with your GPS location that can be reviewed in detail on your own personal portal
  • Two year anti-theft warranty – if stolen and not recovered with our system we give you a new one
  • Finance available

More info: website Lavelle Bikes >
First units available by end of September 2017

Guy Salens

Guy Salens (motorcycle enthousiast): I want to show the world an overview of existing electric motorcycles and future projects. Because it's time.