Official press release | The FLY FREE SMART MOTORCYCLES, company specialized in electric motorcycles, released today details on the first of three Smart models that are going to be the flagship of the business located in Long Beach – California.

Among the main innovations of its SMARTS is CUSTOMIZATION, it is possible to assemble 80 different combinations with exclusive accessories. The Smarts will have 2 settings: one with 50 mile range reaching the top speed of 40 miles per hour and the other one with 100 mile range that can reach the maximum speed of 50 miles per hour.

The motorcycles will feature disc brakes and 3 speed modes: Eco, City and Speed, plus a USB port for charging devices. Its intelligent key system will give greater protection and safety to the pilot. SMARTS will feature an app with motorcycle functions that works on both Android and IOs.

Past & future together

The durability of batteries is the biggest question about electric vehicles nowadays. In case of the Smart bikes the full charge of the battery takes about 8 hours and, according to the manufacturer, after 700 cycles the battery still maintains 70% of its initial capacity. The battery pack is designed to be easily removable if necessary.

“We are proud to present our SMARTS, we believe it can mark the next step in the development of electric mobility. We know that electric mobility will change the transportation landscape in the future, and our objective is very clear. In 2025, we hope to offer even more models, strengthening our commitment to sustainable development.”
Fly Free Team

Ease of operation is among the biggest advantages of the SMARTS – there are no gearshift or clutch levers. The custom seat is located in a lower position giving a little more comfort to the rider.

The startup has three models called SMART DESERT, SMART OLD AND SMART CLASSIC.


Built from the Scrambler models of the 1950s, the Smart Desert is equipped with old-style off-road tires and wider handlebars with the bar feature at the top. With their stripped-down way, they were designed to cross from corner to corner without problems, climbing mountains and crossing muddy off-road terrain.

The SMART OLD and SMART CLASSIC models will be introduced shortly.

The pre-sale will be held until the end of 2018 through crowdfunding after the launch of all the brand models. Further details such as price and exact date of the campaign start were not specified.

Fly Free and its products have a firm commitment to the development of electric vehicles. The STARTUP believes everyone can have their own smart motorcycle, either to improve mobility in large urban centers or for leisure.

Guy Salens

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