The Odessa Riders Cup is a set of 5 races for amateur riders at 5 different places: Dnepr (29/04), Odessa (10/06), Romana (15/07), Kiev (19/08), Dnepr (16/09). Until now, these races were strictly for traditional motorcycles in different classes. The 2018 edition however, is a bit different …

Electric Motorcycles News - Odessa Racing Cup 2018

Electric Motorcycles News - Odessa Racing Cup 2018

This is the first time in Eastern Europe where electric motorcycles are racing in their own category and against traditional motorcycles. This brings a new dimension in the race and we are very curious for the results and lap times. There will be a lot to talk about after the race and lots of lap times to compare.

Hereby some impression videos of the 2017 edition. I heard a lot of motors roaring but it seems a lot of fun: racing, food, nice weather, family … all the good ingredients for a nice day.

Important message for sensitive e-motorriders: cover your ears 🙂

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