Source: press release Ebroh – Spain | Ebroh has been developing different mobility projects in Spain for the last three years, covering all transport solutions, from electric bicycles, personal mobility vehicles, a range of scooters and now this new electric motorcycle Bravo GLE.

Bravo GLE

The Ebroh Bravo GLE project began more than a year ago with its homologation in Spain at the IDIADA facilities in Tarragona, which was a decisive step and created the basis for the development of the first naked electric motorcycle developed in Spain. Ebroh has opted for a purely “Sport Touring” approach for its first electric motorcycle, developed and tuned in Zaragoza for the entire European market.

Note of EMN: “We think it’s more a naked bike than a sports touring model, but hey, we don’t complain, … get it on the road …!”

Ebroh Bravo GLE | Spain | Electric Motorcycles News


The overall dimensions of the new Ebroh Bravo GLE have been generously drawn. The dimensions are 2,060 mm long by 1,110 mm height with a wheelbase of 1,410 mm. Its weight is 147 kg. Beyond seeking a compromise between efficiency and contained weights, in addition to assessing production costs, the Bravo GLE has started from scratch as an electric motorcycle. The frame is made up of a double upper cradle and a second lower cradle, embracing on its four sides its Nickel-Cobalt accumulator. The steel pipe structure that provides us, in addition to a light weight, stability, rigidity and torsion capacity alike. And to guarantee the firmness of its cycle part, this electric motorcycle also has an additional multitubular structure.

The suspensions have been developed relative to the generous dimensions of the bike. For the Ebroh Bravo GLE a 35mm diameter hydraulic fork has been selected. The seatposts are also oversized, with a size of 194 mm between centers of the anchors of the suspension bars. Behind it is a simple single shock absorber, also with hydraulic assistance, equipped with a progressive system articulated by means of rods with spring preload, with a travel of 100 mm.

Ebroh Bravo GLE | Spain | Electric Motorcycles News

The combination of its multitubular chassis with a relatively short distance between the steering axle, the swingarm joint and the subframe, which allows a longer seat, make the driving position more spacious.
The low seat height makes getting on and off the Bravo or leg movements by stopping the vehicle and putting your foot on the ground safe and intuitive.

The cycle part is completed with a very good supply of tires, wheels and brakes. The rim diameter of 17 “is already widespread in sports-tourism, and in the case of the Ebroh Bravo GLE the choice of profile 110/70 front and 140/70, when in other sports it is usually a low profile, in its case it is more in accordance with a multipurpose use, favoring a more intuitive driving and with easier to control reactions. The provision of tires is of the “tubeless” type.

The brakes are double disc on the front wheel, with a diameter of 276 mm. Ø front and parallel double piston calipers and single disc behind and 220 mm. Ø behind with single piston caliper. As required by legislation, it incorporates a CBS brake distribution system. The aluminum wheels with Greek “Y” -shaped spokes greatly enhance the “sporty” aesthetics of the new Bravo, thanks to their lightweight appearance and attractive design.

As for handlebars, the Ebroh Bravo GLE opts for a continuous tube of variable diameter, fixed with turrets. This handlebar allows the body to go more upright, which at the same time of greater comfort allows to have a higher angle of vision, more suitable in the case of a motorcycle to combine urban and interurban routes. Also the length between the ends of the handlebar is longer, 710 mm, as corresponds to its general proportions, significantly larger than usual for 125cc motorcycles.

Central battery and 5kW brushless motor

The central battery, multi-tube frame and integrated rear-axle motor configuration provides a firm frame with optimal weight distribution. Being the Ternary Lithium Ion battery, Ni-Co, 72 V./80 Ah, with a total weight of 35 kg., The central position and in the lower part of the Bravo GLE favors stability, inertia control and the loads in the movements. This aspect is especially important when with an electric drive we have the torque from the first turn of the accelerator.

The choice of the propulsion system, regulator and control unit has been determined by the segment to which a motorcycle equivalent in performance goes to a 125cc sports motorcycle, although we have the most power and above all the characteristic torque of this type of engines, and the absence of a transmission system or clutch mechanism. There is no shortage of a rotary selector, located on the left fist, to choose driving modes: neutral, low, high and reverse.

The motor works with a voltage of 72V and yields 5kW. It is a synchronous “Brushless” motor, with which the speed of the motor’s rotation is equal to the speed of the stator’s magnetic field, consisting of a winding located on the perimeter of the block, with a set of magnets that produce the rotation of the hub, and Hall sensor, which gives a reading of the rotor position

In terms of performance, the maximum speed of the Ebroh Bravo GLE is 110 km/ h. and offers a range of 100 km.

The recharging system is monitored by its regulator and the charging process control, suitable for the charger that operates with a voltage from a domestic installation. This charger is external. The average time to fully recharge your battery is about 5 hours.

Controls, instrumentation and lighting

In this electric motorcycle we will find some large buttons of ergonomic design. Each lever activates the brakes on each axle, disregarding the gearbox and the usual clutch lever of gasoline engines. The rotary knob draws attention to select driving, reverse or neutral position modes.

The Ebroh Bravo GLE has a clear instrumentation, which provides us with exact information, readable at a glance, with a simple and functional graphic. The instrumentation is unified into a modern, fully digital LCD-type central clock with a speedometer, total and partial odometer, battery charge, clock and indicator lights for lights, indicators, battery and selected driving mode. The driving position also includes a practical USB type electrical socket.

The front, rear and turn signal lights are beautifully minimalist in design. They consist of LED diodes, which virtually guarantee lifetime operation. The central headlamp is made up of a double LED ellipsoidal lens.


The electric Ebroh Bravo GLE is now available from the Ebroh dealer network in Spain and ON TIME Moving Zaragoza, at a recommended price of 4,490 euros VAT and transport included. The available colours are black, red, blue and green.

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