Electric Motorcycles News (EMN) and EvNerds are 2 new websites about electric vehicles. While EMN is focussing on electric motorcycles and electric scooters (and sometimes a speed pedelec) brings EvNerds a lot of news about a wide range of electric vehicles. Both initiatives are building up a community (from scratch) with their websites and social media.

Electric Motorcycles News and EvNerds are news partners

EvNerds on Electric Motorcycles News

This is not about our number of followers, advertising possibilities or having the first scoop as in traditional media. This is about information what’s going on in EV-land” explains Guy Salens – owner EMN. “Traditional media and motor magazines don’t like to talk about electric motorcycles. We do. It’s time.

EMN and EvNerds have agreed to work together at this global information feed. Each with their specific identity. Today there already a lot of people who have bookmarked these both websites and following their social media channels.

Marko Bettini (EvNerds): “We will therefore share our knowledge and keep each other informed of new trends and developments in the EV-sector.

EvNerds on Electric Motorcycles News

Guy (EMN): “These guys from EvNerds are electric vehicle designers and engineers who know what they are writing about. I am not a journalist or a ‘motor-connaisseur’ but a motorcycle enthusiast who was convinced to make the switch. We are now a few months online with EMN. So, give it some time. This cooperation with EvNerds is a next step in the right direction. Our websites have to become the industry’s e-community, packed with information, news and hints about electric vehicles of all kind.

EvNerds on Electric Motorcycles News

Exciting times

New technologies are popping up. Fast charging units are build everywhere next to gasoline stations (or are transformed). This EV-world is going fast, very fast. It’s our intention to keep you informed about all these new brands and start up’s, new (sharing) initiatives, E-sport championships and new business.

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Guy Salens

Guy Salens (motorcycle enthousiast): I want to show the world an overview of existing electric motorcycles and future projects. Because it's time.