Founded in 2012, NCD (originally NCube Designs) is currently one of the very few design firms in India that has diversified and focussed on the process of design. We believe the future of design is based on teamwork across many disciplines and collaboration with multiple industries. We deliver innovative results through our unique ability to partner in development and combine creativity with end users’ needs and manufacturing implementation. Ncube Design offers a variety of services specifically aimed at aligning user needs to new ideas and technology to bring them to market quickly. NCD’s human-centered product design approach combines researchers and designers marketing and manufacturing experts to create a team specifically tailored to an individual client’s needs.

Electric Motorcycles News - NCube Designs

Strategy & planning

NCD experience covers over 10 years of working with automotive manufacturers, startups, and early stage automotive spare parts companies. This comprehensive experience enables us to easily move our clients through the technology commercialization process, helping to move a venture from concept to the market.

We have developed exclusive partnerships with world class molders for designing low to high volume parts and assemblies. NCD has capabilities in delivering fully-integrated design, prototyping and production of components manufactured through multiple molding technologies.

Electric Motorcycles News - NCube Designs

Design Research

Electric Motorcycles News - NCube Designs

Ncube Design’s User Research and Human Factors expertise enables our designers to examine a manufacturer’s capabilities in conjunction with the needs of the product’s end user. We believe user research requires close collaboration with our clients because understanding a client’s core competencies and manufacturing preferences is essential in order to accelerate the development process and reduce time to market.

Nearly 10 years of experience developing products which improve the human experience

User experience – UX

Our UX designers have skills in user research, user interface design, and industrial design, making physical to digital workflow our specialty. Our UX process focuses on the user, ensuring the final product works in harmony with the environment and adapts to changing user needs.

We also value close collaboration with our clients to design a familiar visual experience and memorable brand language across all products.

Electric Motorcycles News - NCube Designs

Electric Motorcycles News - NCube Designs

Industrial design

Through initial product brainstorming, rapid sketching, concept development, and 3D refinement — we create innovative ideas and solutions surrounding the use, aesthetics, color and branding of a product. Our designers incorporate computer-aided tools to create both real and photo-realistic appearance models for final evaluation. We look at volumes, cost, and sales expectations to best map the most appropriate manufacturing solution.

Electric Motorcycles News - NCube Designs Electric Motorcycles News - NCube Designs


Since prototyping comes in a host of flavors, NCD offers our clients a full range of prototype services. Whether in early stages of concept development and need new alternative 3D concepts for user evaluation or in final production and need final verification of the database and manufacturability – NCD can assist your needs.

Rapid Prototyping. Combining our internal capabilities for quick turn parts and an established network of partners, we offer the widest range of prototype options to our customers. We help evaluate your prototyping needs based on project requirements, cost, time, quantity and engineering requirements.

Electric Motorcycles News - NCube Designs


NCD works as a partner to emerging automotive companies. Our exceptional problem solving makes us the perfect growth partner to entrepreneurs in the automotive and product development segment. We utilize our core competencies and 10+ year experience to bring your new technology or idea to life.

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All designs, concepts and sketches shown in this article are the property of NCube Designs. Logos and images which are used for representation purposes only are belonging to their respective companies who NCube Designs has worked with.

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