I had a nice chat with Denis Dimov, founder of MYBRO Electric Motorcycles. Mybro is the first Ukrainian brand of electric motorbikes. In 2014 the idea came up to create a trouble-free electric motorcycle with maximum efficiency and requiring minimal technical maintenance.

3 years later, in May 2017, the first presentation and test rides of the first Mybro was a fact. The event was a success and a lot of people could get to know this motorcycle.

Electric Motorcycles News - Mybro

The concept is that Denis and his team are working with modular systems from all over the world, they are looking for the best individual parts based on different Chinese designs. An assembly and production line is rented afterwards to build the electric motorcycle. It’s another vision but it works. Mybro offers a great range of electric motorcycles.

Mybro works together with the research team from the Odessa Polytechnic University to achieve more capacity out of the battery modules which increases with 8-11%!

At this time, Mybro is updating their model range for 2018 and started developing an electric motorcycle that will be able to drive at a speed of about 180-200 km/h. On this motorcycle they plan to take part in amateur races together with petrol analogues this year.

Electric Motorcycles News - Mybro

Electric Motorcycles News - Mybro

The philosophy from Denis:

“We are proud that our motorcycles will be much cheaper than any analogues known to us, and therefore will be available to everyone. The mission we set for ourselves is not only and not so much commerce and trade. Our mission is the creation of a whole subculture of electric motorcyclists, eager to become free from oil dependence and living in a pure and free world.”

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