Source: website Muving | Muving has saved 800 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere since their launch of sharing electric scooters. Or rather: Muving users have saved 800 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere, based on the 5.4 million kilometers traveled since March 2017. This is very good news and some spectacular data, showing that kilometer to kilometer it is possible to save many grams of carbon dioxide.

It is in Madrid where the greatest carbon dioxide savings have occurred, due to a greater number of users and fleet, and therefore, greater use. They are followed by Valencia, Sevilla and Zaragoza.

Electric Motorcycles News - Muving

At the end of each trip, and as positive reinforcement, Muving communicates to the drivers the amount of grams of CO2 they have saved based on the kilometers they have traveled. With Muving you don’t pollute the atmosphere but because these motorcycles are silent, their use also helps to reduce noise pollution in cities, which comes mostly from road traffic noise. And another advantage: you don’t have to buy an electric motorcycle with these enormous advantages, you can pay for the minutes that you use it (Pay as you go). It’s smart mobility.

Electric Motorcycles News - Muving

Muving is becoming the leading company in the motosharing sector in Europe by number of cities and by number of electric vehicles for rent per minute.

They offer an interconnected device manufactured by Torrot that was already a pioneer in achieving European homologation as an electric vehicle. Their vehicles are Spanish, and the technology they use is their own and also one hundred percent Spanish.

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