Source: | For Western people, at first it may seem odd to see an electric motorcycle, e-scooter or any other electric vehicle with a solar canopy. Motosola, founded by Janick Simeray and Stuart Holt, has invented and made the first universal solution. It is a very lightweight canopy with a thinly coated high-efficiency array of solar cells to charge the battery of the EV (electric vehicle) while riding or parking.

Sun and rain canopies (without solar charging) are very popular in Asia. Motosola’s solar canopy is just a logical evolution.

Motosola’s patented design is compatible with any personalized EV and is easy to install/remove by the rider.

Motosola solar canopy | Electric Motorcycles News

What does this solar canopy do?

It converts the power of the sun into electricity at the correct voltage for any standard personalized EV. The two models we manufacture deliver up to 100 W or 150 W, which is enough for riding slowly on an empty battery with good sunshine, and enough to keep most personalized EVs fully charged after normal riding and parking usage, avoiding the inconvenience and cost of charging.  

Who needs a solar canopy ?

1)   Fleet administrators: 

Motosola charges the battery whenever the bike is parked or ridden in the sun. You avoid wasting valuable time at the charging stations or paying for Juicers to collect the bikes and recharge them.  Exposed to even modest levels of sunlight, any Motosola EV will be operational after only a few hours of exposure and we significantly extend the vehicle’s daily range. It is also ideal for mobility in parks, retirement communities, for golf carts, EV rental companies in island and vacation areas. Green cities such as the one being built in Dubai are also becoming more common and many governments are expanding their subsidies for green zero carbon technology. 

2) Professional drivers: 

Generating an extra 1 kWh of energy per day means that professional mototaxi or delivery riders can earn more money each day instead of waiting for hours at charging stations. The added benefit of being able to crawl back to a charging station purely on sun power is a big selling point for any professional driver.

3) Individuals:

A typical E-Moped rider is a mother commuting over a short distance between home, her child’s school, her job and the shopping center, which is less than one hour a day (<25km). Motosola’s canopy keeps her battery charged, protects her from the sun and rain. There is no need to remember to charge at night as long the bike is parked in the sun and the battery will be charged enough for her daily needs.

Seniors and disabled people requiring mobility scooters also have similar daily range requirement and for them the convenience of extended range and avoiding the hassle of charging is just as advantageous. Their mobility EV may remain parked in front of their door.

Motosola solar canopy | Electric Motorcycles News

Why now ?

Low cost lightweight solar panel efficiency has dramatically improved over the last 10 years. EV technology has developed much faster than the charging infrastructure needed to support its quick deployment. Indonesia for instance has over 260 million people and is suffering from severe pollution in all major cities but has very limited charging facilities to make the switch to clean EVs. Vietnam, the Philippines and Thailand have similar problems. Furthermore, EV technology, relying on fossil driven energy, is not a truly green zero-carbon solution as the electricity is still often generated by fossil fuels.

How expensive is a canopy?

Less than the cost of a replacement lithium battery

Motosola’s commitment:

“We want to provide an exciting inventive low-cost and friendly solution to promote the EV industry and fight global warming in the places that need it most. Motosola offers three zeros: Zero carbon footprint, zero $ per km; zero $ tax and we can easily attract government subsidies. In terms of carbon emissions commuting with Motosola is equivalent to sailing and produces less CO2 than jogging!”

Can it be used outside of the tropics ?

Yes, thanks to the new universally patented design. During parking the panel leans up to 45° and can face the sun at the optimal angle, even in France. The ability to tilt up the panel up also helps while mounting and dismounting the bike.

Motosola solar canopy | Electric Motorcycles News

The panels are designed for 45-55 km/h vehicles. A full day of sun exposure can provide more than 50% of the battery’s total charge. Motosola’s prototype in Shenzhen shown on the website has been driven for 3 months without requiring a single charge.

Motosola solar canopy | Electric Motorcycles News


Motosola offers unique value to EV manufacturers and distributors alike – the opportunity to integrate our innovation into original designs or retrofit onto existing models. The in-house team of engineers and industrial designers have the experience and know-how to adapt the Motosola concept to newly emerging EV technologies, empowering manufacturers and brands to bring to the market unique and exciting self-powering electric vehicles! 

Motosola is looking for cooperation with electric motorbike manufacturers and distributors globally! 

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