Rusty Griffiths has been involved with motocross from a very young age. His passion of anything with 2 wheels has inspired him to give something back to the sport he loves. Due to the opportunities Rusty had over the years, he was able to start his own racing team. His idea was giving children and their families the chance to race or ride at the events for a fraction of the cost of owning or maintaining there own bikes.

Electric Motorcycles News - Motofamily Electric RacingElectric Motorcycles News - Motofamily Electric Racing

Providing children with an alternative for racing on a cheaper scale and being the only youth race team using electric offroad bikes gives Motofamily Electric Racing a massive market to bring unexperienced and experienced riders into the new world of noise and pollution friendly racing.

Oset Bikes Motocross Academy

Today, Motofamily is proud to team up with Oset Bikes to present the official Oset Bikes Motocross Academy. This offers children (4-6 years) the chance to learn new skills, basic bike control and even expand on there skills with professional coaches. Motofamily is MCFederation certified with insurance to cover all their customers at each and every event. Professional coaches offer the children basic training to control the motorcycle in off-road conditions as well as awareness and safety of motocross riding. Each event will be held at various locations across the country giving everyone the opportunity to have a go.

Electric Motorcycles News - Motofamily Electric Racing

Electric Motorcycles News - Motofamily Electric Racing

Official Kuberg dealer

Motofamily Electric Racing became an official Kuberg electric motorcycles dealer. All motorcycles are now available on their online store.

World Minibike Championship

Rusty Griffiths in Dirthub:

My aim for 2018 is to give those the opportunity to race or ride without the stress of maintaining their own bikes. This gives families more of a chance and hopefully a push into a brilliant hobby, at the end of the day we want to take away the pain and grind of racing and just make it pure fun. This idea is to also help with land damage and noise pollution within the country, to offer more safe tracks and opportunities to those not so fortunate”.

Electric Motorcycles News - Motofamily Electric Racing

“We are looking for riders of any abilities, from 4-11 years old for the Auto class and 11 years old for the Youth minibike class 125cc” continues Rusty, “They can pre book on first come first serve basis for each round with payment made before each event.”

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Guy Salens

Guy Salens (motorcycle enthousiast): I want to show the world an overview of existing electric motorcycles and future projects. Because it's time.