Singapore-based battery technology and electric mobility specialists, Vanda Electrics, welcomed the UK Government’s decision for the banning of petrol and diesel car sales in the UK by 2040. Vanda Electrics is already tackling the issue of clean transportation with its electric Ant Truck light commercial vehicle, MotoChimp electric scooter and the Dendrobium D-1 supercar concept.

Every aspect of the Motochimp was designed for the free, spontaneous and bold. Engineered for joyrides, from the bodywork down to the steering, all the Motochimp needs is you.

From the get go, the Motochimp was designed to inject fresh energy into your perception, experiences and impulses. Designed to redefine urban mobility, the Motochimp opens your eyes to the surreal in everyday spaces, as you meander through streets and dreamscapes. Motochimp celebrates the indie spirit of spontaneous urban mobility. Freeing urban transport from boredom, replacing it with spontaneity and personality. Join us and we’ll defy boredom and faceless urban transport. Let’s embark on joy rides that catch a twinkle or two …

The Motochimp sports a compact design: 1102mm (L) by 655mm (W) by 1153mm (H). Its wheelbase of 750.6mm makes for easy steering, allowing you to effortlessly weave your way through crowds and busy walkways.

A Uumotor Gearless 48V 350W powers the Motochimp for efficient and energy-saving joyrides.

A lithium-ion battery powers the Motochimp. With a charge time of 1 hour [Standard], its fast-charging cycle easily fits busy schedules, which means your Motochimp is ever-ready for fast and frequent travel.

The Motochimp is as durable as it is cute. Its main structure is solidly fashioned out of stainless steel alloy and aluminum alloy for a smooth texture and clean finish that feels as good as it looks.

Simply plug into the socket located under your seat and charge your Motochimp from any standard three-pin plug.

A mini speedometer tracks your joyrides, with its easy-to-read display interface keeping you up-to-speed at a glance.

The Motochimp covers a range of 60km. Its energy efficient performance blends in with urban schedules and landscapes, making it ideal for zips around town at your whim and fancy.

About Vanda Electrics:

Vanda Electrics is developing electric transportation solutions to capitalize on the global shift towards electric mobility. Under the Vanda umbrella, a suite of electric mobility products and battery storage technologies will be made available to the market, with a focus on three key segments, Hyper Luxury, Consumer and Industrials. With a global view on business, Vanda has forged strategic ties with partners in the U.K., U.S. and Asia to facilitate our time-tomarket and reinforce our offerings.

“Vanda Electrics is a key supplier to the electric automotive (EV) sector,” said Larissa Tan, CEO of Vanda Electrics. “Over the last several years we have invested heavily in the development of new battery technology and the development of electric transportation solutions to address two key consumer concerns: firstly the issue of battery and vehicle range and secondly the speed of re-charging. With our fastcharging, energy dense lithium-titanate batteries, we’re already solving those issues.”

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